Kia Stinger GT Revealed at The Auto Expo 2018

Kia's bad boy grabbing eyeballs at the Expo.

OH MY GOD! This was my first reaction when I saw Kia’s Stinger. Kia is a manufacturer who is famous for making practical cars, cars which your ancestor would love because they’re just so sensible. The Stinger is a car that blew everyone away when it was launched back in 2017. It was an outstanding car in the Kia lineup. The GT like profile, the swooping short tail, long bonnet with cuts and creases and the red hot paint made the car an eye candy.
The Stinger is Kia’s halo car and if you aren’t aware, Kia is making its debut in India at the 2018 Auto Expo. The Korean brand will start its operations with the launch of their compact SUV, the SP. It makes perfect sense for Kia to reveal their sports sedan at the Auto Expo as this car will garner much attention and ultimately increase the brand’s appeal.

Internationally, the Stinger is pitted against the BMW 3- series and the Jaguar XE. The car is available in all wheel drive and rear wheel drive configurations and is propelled via a four cylinder petrol engine. However the star of the show is the hotter GT version which comes with a 3.3 litre petrol engine that spits out 365 bhp. The GT, according to Kia does 0 to 100 in just 4.7 seconds. Now that, I think is enough for you to stop doubting the GT’s credentials.
The Stinger is Kia’s flagship car and if launched in India, will carry a price tag of around 70 lacs. For that kind of exorbitant price, the car wouldn’t garner many sales so it is logical for Kia to not launch the Stinger in India. Kia also stated that their prime focus will be on the mass-market and in segments which will generate more returns.
You can see and experience the Stinger up-close at the Kia stand at the Auto Expo 2018 taking place in Greater Noida. Do stay tuned to Thrustzone for more updates and action on the Expo.

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