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REAL-IBILITY! 2003 Honda Accord Hits 1 Million Miles On Original Engine

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It’s no big for an internal combustion engine to hit the elusive 10,00,000 miles mark on the odometer. In most cases, the odometer is not even designed to display those numbers. But in some cases, there are few owners who know to take care of their machines the right way and manage to get us to tip our hats. Such is the case with a certain Justin Kilmer’s 2003 Honda Accord, which managed to hit the 1 million miles figure on the odometer on the original engine.

Kilmer’s 2003 Honda Accord hit the magic figure in a period of 20 years. The sedan came equipped with a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine with a manual transmission. The owner is a medical courier, which means he has spent a lot of time behind the wheel driving. Just how much you ask? Well, the owner averaged about 125,000 miles every year over the last two decades.

One million miles or about 16 lakh kilometres is no easy feat and the distance has taken a toll on the engine. One cylinder is said to be low on compression and the car has developed a misfire. The car has also seen a transmission replacement as well as several worn-out clutches. Other wearables include the driver’s seat, control arms, and door lock actuators. The car is currently running on its third radiator. The owner says the motor has actually been one of the most reliable parts on the vehicle.

Nevertheless, with the issues creeping up, Kilmer is now looking to change the engine (finally!) but plans to keep the current one as well, simply because of its never-die attitude. Absolutely impressive, we’d say!

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