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2016 Suzuki Hayate EP Review, Road Test

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2016 Suzuki Hayate EP turns to be expensive on paper but the Suzuki makes sure you get more use-able power for that money

Enchanting –

  • Well designed commuter
  • Superlative engine and chassis
  • Practical and Comfortable
  • Powerful and fuel-efficient

Unsatisfying –

  • No Disc brake on offer
  • All down pattern not enthusiast friendly
  • Priced a bit higher

Suzuki is all set to make sure they just don’t get called as an ordinary Japanese scooter making company. It has revamped its motorcycles and has created some new benchmarks in the premium categories and isnt’ ignoring the commuter segment. Commuter segment today is as large as premium segment. Blame the premium segment to grow by multiple folds as every kind of motorcycle is being popped on same platform. Street/faired/off-road etc. Commuter segment also has the premium category which is the 110cc segment. Suzuki was present with the Hayate since early 2012, but now the market has changed and a part of revamp plans includes the new Hayate EP to make its way.


The SEP equipped model has a new chassis, engine, style and much more on offer. We test it thoroughly for you to tell you how the motorcycle is to ride than the previous one we rode years back. Infact, if you remember, we broke the story of Suzuki silently launching the Hayate EP here. We were quite excited since almost a year to get our hands on this motorcycle. Suzuki says ‘Hayate, Yunhi nahi chalate’. We found a reason then and now there is a road test on offer. Let’s begin then!



Suzuki has kept it simple with the styling of the new motorcycle. The lines are clean and panels are sleek and edgy. The headlight cowl is large enough to gain attention. The headlight protrudes out less than the last generation one. Hayate continues to get modern and appealing graphics in flashy colors. Tail-lamp continues to be an basic unit. Side panels are large that swoop upwards. The star-fish like alloy wheels continues in true Suzuki tradition like the previous bike. Overall, conservative approach towards the design in maximum areas, but the bright colors and decals add more punch and make more livelier to attract customers.



Ergonomics are similar as before. Position is upright, footpegs aren’t exactly front set which give you a little sporty and give more control while riding. Seats are well cushioned and is long enough for any kind of duties that the rider may apply on it. Mirrors continue to be mounted well and give a good vision of what is behind.

Speedo And Switchgear


Switchgear is top notch quality and there is a pass light button on offer. Suzuki hasn’t cut cost in this area and has provided a pass light button. Speedo on the other hand is basic with tell-tale lights, an analogue fuel gauge and missing tachometer continuous onboard.


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Engine and Gearbox


Performance comes from the 113cc engine that makes segment best power and torque numbers. At 8.7 PS and 9.3 Nm of torque. There is a healthy amount of low and mid range torque on offer. Bike effortlessly reaches 70 km/hr and has even power on tap to do overtaking in the city. Gearing, typically Suzuki, is well sorted, not tall or short ratios with a well defined power band, it is joy to wind up the engine. Top-end isn’t great as there are vibrations that kick in. We rode its Yamaha rival recently and it was much better on NVH. We got an fuel-efficiency of 69 km/l.


The power delivery is linear and the engine loves to rev. In the process it sounds good with subtle amount of bass. 4-speed gearbox is surprisingly annoying and good at the same time as it is smooth all down pattern gearbox. If you want to shift up you have ‘tap down’ on the front lever with the toe. Shifting down again means tapping down with your heel instead of toe (for upshift mentioned earlier). In the beginning it can be really confusing, but you get used to it by the end of the day. Overall, the light kerb weight and segment best power and torque figure, it is good fun to ride while serving its purpose to every class of riders.

Ride and Handling


Dynamically, the short wheelbase, the light kerb weight and typical suspension setup at both ends is here. This comprises of telescopic forks at the front and adjustable rear suspension makes thing comfortable and sporty at the same time. Short wheelbase means it turns really quick, the front geometry is good balance which provides quick maneuvering in the city with good feedback and stability of the highway.


The 80 kilometer testing ground we had, the motorcycle never disappointed over any kind of road. Ride quality is on the stiffer side but doesn’t unsettle you either. Let’s just say the chassis and engine combined along with Japanese dependability, this can be the thing if you want to buy, if you are Japanese ‘only’ person. We can already hear competition from down south not quite agreeing on this debate. Overall, one of the best commuter motorcycles with a lot of character in every area tested till date.

2016 Suzuki Hayate EP Review, Verdict

Hayate EP may have quirks but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the robust engine and chassis package it has to offer. The spectacular motor is segment best when it comes to offering performance and efficiency. The styling has changed and it is for the good, it continues with Suzuki traits in many ways as before. Performance makes up for the money that is being asked for the Hayate EP. However, when compared to the competition, they are more budget oriented and offer very a basic package.


Hayate distinguishes itself with more power but continues to lack feature as it isn’t full-blown premium commuter. Like for example, the TVS Victor. Despite this, it carves a niche in a mass market and should appeal to buyers who are looking for more from a basic package. We know for a fact that this market exist and Hayate EP should appeal to these buyers immediately and they shouldn’t hesitate to get them one of these.

Rs. 57,662 Delhi on-road, Delhi


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