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2018 Jaguar XF Diesel India Review. [Video Included] Five Reasons To Buy One

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Enchanting –

  • One of a kind elegant looking car
  • Superlative chassis, brakes, engine
  • Well priced executive sedan
  • Fun to drive

Unsatisfying –

  • Could do with more space in the cabin
  • Enthusiast need more powerful engines!


India is a country that loves long and low luxury sedans. While cars like the S-Class, the new BMW 7-series and the Jaguar XJ still aren’t all that common, blame their higher price tags. The mid-segment luxury cars are the ones that gain major attention. They offer pretty much similar levels of luxury at prices that are relatively easy on the wallet. Along with immersing the passengers in utmost luxury, these cars have to be good daily drivers too and so what they need are efficient engines. Jaguar launched their updated mid-segment ace, the XF some time ago. The car sports refreshed interiors and exteriors. Let’s dive into fast five things that will get you sold on the new Jaguar XF.


It looks beautiful – It’s a fact now, that Jaguar makes one of the, if not the most elegant looking cars on the planet. The XF shares the timeless lines of the bigger cat, the XJ. This car stands out amongst the crowd. It has a long bonnet and sleek silhouette simply mean one thing – Elegance. The new XE-like headlamps, the mesh grille and the dashes of chrome all mean business. The overall appearance is of a car that feels and looks way more upmarket and pricey.


It looks good on the inside too – While the design of the interiors may not match the swoopy and flashy exteriors, it’s well laid out and easy to use. JLR owners won’t feel out of place in this car as this cabin is pretty similar to their other cars. The pop-up rotary gear selector and a/c vents are retained. The materials used are premium and the overall built quality is definitely good, but could have been better in certain areas. Beige and black interior is very appealing to customers in the Indian market.


Those features – Although this Jag does fall a tad bit short on features when compared to its German rivals, it still has a fair share of mumbo-jumbo to keep most buyers entertained. For starters, there is an 8-inch fully digital instrument cluster, all around parking sensors, climate control, an electric sunroof and an ambient lighting system. The pricier Portfolio trim also gets an electric lumbar adjustment, keyless entry, a heads-up display and a parking assist. You also get 825W Meridian surround sound system with 17 speakers. It doesn’t get keyless entry, but it does get a start-stop button.


It drives good too – Jaguar was kind enough to send a car for this story. The car is very darty when pointed into corners. Change of direction is spot on and it has a kitty like reflexes. Steering is slightly heavy all the time but it is feedback rich in all driving modes and extremely precise too. The ride quality despite all of this is quite good albeit it does feel bit stiff over bigger bumps, but those thumps aren’t pronounced in the cabin.


Brakes were good with great pedal bite and power. Ingenium diesel making 180 BHP and 430 Nm of torque is free revving but could rev a bit faster. The engine is smooth and NVH levels are spectacularly well controlled inside the cabin. Driveability is excellent and performance is ample, it could do with a more powerful motor as the chassis can take it and will be even sportier and fun to drive. The car is capable of doing 0-100 km/hr in 8 seconds and top speed is limited to 230 km/hr. The 8-Speed gearbox is smooth and comes with paddle shifters and is quite fast in up and downshifts.


The Price –


Pricing in a country like India can be a make-it or break-it affair and the Jag passes this test with flying colours. With an ex-showroom price tag of INR 48 lacs, it manages to undercut the BMW 5-series by around 5 lacs. The 5-series is actually the least expensive car in this segment, and the Jaguar has an advantage due to its aggressive pricing.

2018 Jaguar XF Diesel India Review, Verdict


The executive sedan appeals to a specific class of audience. It helps them stand out against the company’s key rivals. The car sets new benchmarks in driving and is very hard to fault in that area. The XF could do with more space on the inside and every regard though and that is the only place it misses out. However, it has the novelty, value and fun to drive character going for it making a worthy contender in its class.

XF Diesel India Review
  • Design
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Space
  • Performance
  • Dynamics
  • Safety
  • Praticality
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