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2018 Triumph SpeedMaster Review, First Ride

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Enchanting –

  • One of a kind aesthetics
  • Superlative chassis, brakes, engine
  • Surprisingly comfortable and fuel efficient
  • Safety and convivent featurs loaded

Unsatisfying –

  • Low Ground and cornering clearance
  • Small fuel tank


We have said it time and again, Triumph motorcycle makes a lot of cruisers. The Bonneville series has gained a lot of traction because of the platform that helps them churn out a lot of type of motorcycle which are modern-retro classics. Then there are accessories, color options and so much to choose from that the manufacturer ends up selling a lot of things but at the same time, they suit the needs of every individual. Triumph has taken another step last year and introduced the world with the Speedmaster. A hardtail looking motorcycle which brings nostalgia to mind. Triumph gave us the bike to spend some time with and here is our comprehensive take on it.



We have to say, the Speedmaster does look rather impressive in the way the tank, tail-piece, the way the twin seats are crafted. The minimalist small tail-lamp and headlamp (which are LED) invoke nostalgia. Large chrome spoke wheels at the front and rear along with rounded fat tyres giving it the classic look.


The chrome on the mirror, the old-school looking swingarm, the large slash cut exhaust, all remind you of an old-school retro-modern Cruiser. Our bike came with optional saddlebags, large wind screen, backrest for pillion to give the authentic look, which also comes from the engine, which also looks with a heart shap crankcase, carburettor look alike fuel-injection system and ignition switch near the engine.

Speedo and Switches


The speedo has the all fuel-efficiency parameters, traction control setting, clock, service reminder, two trip meters, odometer, speedo, digital RPM and more which can be controlled through the button on the LH switchgear. RH switchgear as an engine kill-switch and the starter button combined together, riding mode button and hazard light button. The cruiser gets solitary turn indicators and tell-tale lights inside the console. There is cruise control on offer as well.




Ergonomics completely depend on the handlebar position with these classic cruisers and here the handlebar is wide but it also comes towards the rider which makes it a bit difficult taking u-turns. Seats are really comfortable for all types of journeys and the backrest for pillion is a great addition to the cruiser. Mirrors work really well and overall, the riding position is comfortable for all types and size of riders. Adjustable levers on both sides help the cause even further.



The engine on the Bonnvielle series continues to be the benchmarks in its class. The 1200cc motor makes 77 PS of power and 120 Nm of torque from its engine. Power is everywhere, the gearing is noticeably taller and NVH levels are fantastic. Pushing the engine hard doesn’t result in vibrations either. It is smooth and refined throughout the rev-range. 0-100 km/hr is done 7 seconds and it has a top speed of 180 km/hr. We got rather good fuel efficiency of 15.45 km/l. With a range of just 170 kms in a full tank of fuel because of a puny 11-litre fuel tank, Speedmaster is limited to weekend and city rides.


Ride and Handling


Dynamically, the cruiser sits quite low, the ground and cornering clearance is quite poor so it isn’t exactly fun pushing a potent chassis that is on offer. Windblast was not contained rather well in our bike as the windshield suits riders below 5’7 or 6’2, which isn’t the average Indian height. Tyres are good as they handled intermediate conditions really well but it could do with more contact patch at the front as it feels little nervous over road imperfections, to be specific, the patchy roads.


Brakes are good, but they lack feel despite they have just about enough stopping power and most of the stopping power comes from engine braking. Ride quality is stiff at the back as the monoshock is dialled all the way till max pre-load.


This is done to increase ground clearance, but it doesn’t work in the way of ride quality of ground clearance. The front forks are a bit on the softer side and the front-end is also light which aids in nimble-ness in the city and is fairly agile while turning because the rake is quite impressive and at comes at a low 25.3 degrees.


2018 Triumph SpeedMaster Review, Verdict

Overall, the Speedmaster isn’t the most practical cruiser over its sibling, but it has style, nostalgia, a good engine and a price which seems just right for the cruiser offers. Godspeed, Speedmaster!

Rs 11.11 lakh ex-showroom

Triumph SpeedMaster India Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Dynamics
  • Safety
  • Features
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Value
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