2019 ABS Royal Enfield Motorcycles Launched – Know Price and Details


2019 ABS Royal Enfield Motorcycles and most of them are dual channel ABS equipped

Implementation of new safety norms in two-wheeler segment has resulted in a price hike across the spectrum. According to new regulations, two-wheelers with less than 125 cc engine capacity must have Combined Braking System (CBS) while the bikes 125 cc and above must come with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). The new safety rules have come into effect from April 1, 2019. Along with other manufacturers, Royal Enfield has also revised the prices of its models – right from its entry-level Bullet 350 (now costing Rs 1.21 lakh) to the most costly Thunderbird 500 X ABS which can be had at Rs 2.16 lakh.

Himalayan Royal enfield Front price

In an attempt to keep price hike minimum at the entry level, the company has equipped the entry-level models Bullet 350 and 350 ES with a single channel ABS system. As far as other models are concerned, each one of them has been equipped with dual-channel ABS. A quick comparison between the prices of old and new models with a single channel ABS reveals a price hike of Rs 1,400 and Rs 3,500 for Bullet 350 and 350 ES respectively – which is not substantial from customers’ viewpoint. However, the addition of dual-channel ABS system in all other models has substantially raised the price by around Rs 11,000.

S.No. Model Name Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
1 Bullet 350 ABS Rs 1.21 lakh
2 Bullet 350 ES ABS Rs 1.35 lakh
3 Classic 350 Dual-channel ABS Rs 1.53 lakh
4 Thunderbird 350 Dual-channel ABS Rs 1.56 lakh
5 Thunderbird 350 X Dual-channel ABS Rs 1.63 lakh
6 Himalayan Dual-channel ABS Rs 1.80 lakh
7 Himalayan Sleet Dual-channel ABS Rs 1.82 lakh
8 Bullet 500 Dual-channel ABS Rs 1.88 lakh
9 Classic 500 Dual-channel ABS Rs 2.04 lakh
10 Thunderbird 500 Dual-channel ABS Rs 2.06 lakh
11 Classic 500 Chrome Dual-channel ABS Rs 2.12 lakh
12 Thunderbird 500 Dual-channel ABS Rs 2.14 lakh

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