2019 Ford Endeavour Facelift India Review, First Drive


Enchanting –

  • Classic, butch and muscular design
  • Superlative chassis, brakes, engine
  • Most fun to drive SUV in its class – On and Off the road
  • Spacious, silent cabin and superior audio system, a perfect match
  • Ford’s low cost of ownership guarantee
  • Feature addition makes it more value for money

Unsatisfying –

  • Missing electric parking brake, cornering lamps and ventilated seats

Ford is one of the many manufactures that is focusing on the SUV’s segment quite a lot around the world. It has a SUV in every segment around the world and it has tried and repeating the same in India. The Ford Ecosport has been a good success for the brand in the Indian market. An entry level SUV with a lot of kit on offer with Ford driving DNA.

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Then there is big jump which is to this, the Endeavour. Another SUV which has been done well in the market and is regarded the segment best SUV with its class leading equipment list and Ford DNA which means it has almost everything the Indian consumer looks for. The manufacturer just mildly refreshed the SUV for 2019 and we have driven it. What does it have now to offer? Let’s find out.


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The design on the outside has changed in two aspects. There is a new grille which is mildly updated and the new alloy wheel design which continues to look impressive like the older one. Ford does a good job of getting its alloy wheel design right, all the time. Overall, it continues to look beefy, long and with the right muscle and stance to intimidate anyone on the road or prospective customers in the showrooms.


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The interior also remains the same in terms of colors and design. Beige and black means the cabin is airy and premium as plastics are good and leather wrapped steering, dashboard, gear lever and handbrake continue to be on offer and make this SUV look premium. Safety is taken care of with six airbags as standard and the + trim gets a knee airbag as well.

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The A/c control make the center console busy, but the new Sync 3 system in the touch screen unit is flawless, comes with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and fantastic touch and intuition makes the best system by far in this segment. The dials also remain the same and each side of the screen can be controlled through their set of button on the steering respectively.

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Sound system is excellent too and the active noise cancellation means no unwanted noises in the cabin making covering distance and staying relaxed in this SUV is top priority. Space in the back is good enough be it leg, shoulder, knee and head room. The seat is recline-able which makes it even more comfortable. 7-Seater layout means its more practical. However, rear seats are comfortable for children only. Boot space is quite impressive with seats up or down which adds to the convenience.

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Feature list includes an addition for start-stop button, LED lights, LED DRL, Tyre pressure monitoring system, auto wipers and headlights, Ford MyKey, cruise control, projectors, LED tail-lamps, a powered seat for the driver and passenger, a panoramic sunroof, rear a/c vents all around the cabin, lights on the roof for reading, day and night IRVM, electric ORVM, front and rear parking sensor, with reversing camera, power rear tail gate swipe action below the bumper is on offer too.

The Drive

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When it comes to driving, we had a short spin in the 3.2 litre engine making 200 PS and 470 Nm of torque from its motor which is mated to an 6-speed automatic. Most of the time, the gearbox responds fine, which is basically, at part throttle, get aggressive and floor the accelerator and the gearbox times to realize what has to be done. However, it is seamless and smooth all the times making a pleasant driving experience while mile munching on a road trip or commuting in the city.

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Overall, the NVH levels are well controlled, the SUV powertrain behaves well and there is serious performance on offer despite a heavy kerb weight. The mid-range and top-end is strong enough and it reaches illegal triple digit speeds without letting you know. It should deliver around 9-10 km/l as an overall number. Handling continues to be good with precise and light steering, good brakes and minimum body roll when pushing the SUV a bit enthusiastically in the corners.

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What we experienced for a longer time is the how the Endeavour demolishes sand dunes, which weren’t artificially made, but real, in Jaisalmer. Terrain management response system does it job with multiple options for multiple terrain. The approach and departure angles means it didn’t touch going almost 90 degree down a dune and then it power out to go down to the other, in the meanwhile, it has to avoid a patch where most SUV’s can get beached if you are not sensitive and attentive towards the throttle. The Endeavour did all of this with less air pressure in tyres, sand mode on and ESC off. THe 4×4 low wasn’t used until unless some beached the car dramatically.

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2019 Ford Endeavour Facelift India Review, Verdict

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Ford’s pricing has done it again. The SUV is cheaper than before despite addition of features. Thew new manual makes entry level pricing really impressive. The Endeavour continues to do what it does really well, the new facelift should help it go further and fight a new battle against a new rival. Going back a bit, It may not do sales numbers as the Toyota Fortuner, but it takes a considerable pie from it because it is the SUV to buy because one test drive it all takes to realize that the passive value quotient is higher.

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You get a far more superior cabin, more fun to drive drive chassis, safety kit, off-road modes which makes thing far more easier and plus the equipment which the competition offers and then the Endeavour gives that and adds even more to that as well. Now you don’t even need to consider much to buy a SUV in this segment, do you? It is the Endevour with its low cost of ownership and classic approach towards segment that gives it an edge over its rivals.

Titanium 2.2 Diesel – MT – 4×2 – Price: Rs. 28.19 Lakhs
Titanium+ 2.2 Diesel – AT – 4×2 – Price: Rs. 30.60 Lakhs – Old Price: Rs. 31.07 Lakhs
Titanium+ 3.2 Diesel – AT – 4×4 – Price: Rs. 32.97 Lakhs – Old price: RS. 33.31 Lakhs

All price ex-showroom Delhi


Endeavour Facelift India Review
  • Design
  • Interior
  • Space
  • Features
  • Practicality
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Dynamics
  • Value
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