2020 Triumph Tiger 900 India Launch Price Revealed – Know Details


Triumph Motorcycles launched the all-new Tiger 900 in India today. Company has worked very hard to get three variants from the previous 20 plus variants that it earlier offered. GT and Rally. Name suggests. GT does road touring well and Rally can do both with more focus on off-road. Getting rid of all that in the past to coming down to variants sounds simple but it is a lot of work to get just two motorcycles to do so many things. Let’s look at the details below 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 India spec versions.

The all-rounder Tiger 900 delivers a step up in triple engine performance, versatility and agility and will be introduced in three different variants:
• Tiger 900 GT – Transformed for even more urban adventure, genuine long distance travel and everything in between
• Tiger 900 Rally and Tiger 900 Rally Pro – Transformed for maximum off-road adventure, and road focused capability and comfort

A larger capacity new BS-VI compliant 900cc triple engine brings improved performance to the Tiger 900. The new engine delivers massive 10% more peak torque than the previous Tiger 800 models, – now 87Nm at 7,250rpm with improved torque low down and across the rev range. Power is also up across the entire rev range, with 9% more in the mid-range, and 95PS peak power at 8,750rpm.


A new 1-3-2firing order has been incorporated for a more engaged Tiger riding experience -the result of the new firing order is improved intake noise under load, more feedback from the engine to the rider, an incredibly distinctive engine sound, and improved tractability and throttle feel – pulling harder, lower down; the result of this is a much closer association to the throttle character – sound and feel of a twin lower down, whilst maintaining all the torque, feel and delivery in the mid-range and top-end of a triple.
Combined, this delivers more responsive acceleration, with 0-60mph, 0-110mph and 6th gear roll on times all significantly beating the previous generation model and the closest competition. Additionally, it gives the new Tiger 900 a much more aggressive, raspy and engaging triple soundtrack.

An all-new twin radiator set up improves cooling performance and reduces the heat onto the rider.The new radiator style enhances the new models’ more striking adventure bike stance and poise. Its shape and position enable a further forward engine position, resulting in a more optimisedcentre of gravity (40mm forward and 20mm lower). This improves weight distribution for better handling and low speed balance, whilst other improvements to the sump and cooling system ensure it has no impact on ground clearance.
There’s also an all-new air box with a more easily accessible new air filter, plus a slip and assist clutch for added rider comfort.

The new Tiger 900 features a new lightweight modular frame with bolt-on rear sub-frame and pillion hangers. It has a new tailored high specification suspension set-up tuned for maximum road and off-road capability. It features new category-leading top-specification Brembo Stylema® monobloc brakes and a large 20 litre fuel tank for advanced touring capability.


Tiger 900 Rally Pro (6 modes): Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road, Rider-configurable & Off-Road Pro
Tiger 900 Rally & Tiger 900 GT (4modes): Rain, Road, Sport & Off-Road

• New class-leading 7” TFT instruments (GT, Rally & Rally Pro): Featuring dedicated Tiger start-up logos, the new larger TFT instruments present rider information in four different styles with complete clarity. There are also four different colour options to choose from and high/low contrast versions for excellent visibility in all lights. The 7” TFT screen is now bonded to the glass for a crisper image, with no reflective layer.
• New integrated My Triumph connectivity system (Rally Pro only): With TFT instrument styles designed specifically for connectivity, the integrated My Triumph connectivity system and app seamlessly enable phone call and music operation, turn-by-turn navigation, and GoPro control – all accessed via the switch cubes and displayed on the 7” TFT screen. (The My Triumph connectivity system is available as an accessory option on the GT and Rally models, including a dedicated Bluetooth® connectivity module)
• New optimised cornering ABS and optimised cornering traction control, controlled by an Inertial Measurement Unit (GT,Rally & Rally Pro):New optimized cornering ABS and optimised cornering traction control comes as standard on the mid and top spec new Tiger 900s, and is enabled via an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) developed in conjunction with Continental. This supports the automatic selection of the appropriate level of ABS and traction control intervention by constantly measuring roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration rates, in order to calculate the lean angle. This fully integrated technology system ensures greater riding stability at all times.
• Up to six riding modes: Riding modes adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings for maximum rider control in all riding conditions. The new anti-stall feature on the Off-Road and Off-Road Pro modes automatically increases the idle revs to prevent stalling. The Off-Road Pro riding mode, exclusive to the Rally Pro model, is Triumph’s most extreme off-road set-up for advanced off-road adventure, with ABS and traction control turned off, and an off-road throttle map.


• New Triumph Shift Assist, up and down quickshifter (Rally Pro only): Enabling smooth, comfortable clutch-less up and down gear changes whilst maintaining the accelerator position, the Triumph Shift Assist reduces rider fatigue and improves the ride. (Available as an accessory on the base and mid-spec Tiger 900 models)
• New all-LED lighting, with daytime running lights: The headlight, tail light and indicators* on all new Tiger 900 models are now LED powered for maintenance-free active safety. In applicable markets, the headlight features Triumph’s signature shape DRL* for enhanced visibility in all lights. The Rally Pro model also features LED auxiliary fog lights for additional long distance capability. (*market specific)

• New secure mobile phone storage with USB charging (GT, Rally & Rally Pro): A secure compartment under the seat houses a handy 5V USB power socket to enable uninterrupted use of the My Triumph connectivity system.

• Highest level of standard technology specification (Rally Pro only) – Fitted as standard for maximum rider comfort and convenience, the mid & top spec Tiger 900 models feature illuminated switches (RALLY Pro only) with a 5-way joystick, heated grips and electronic cruise control with electrically adjustable up and down.

• Fully loaded Rally Pro technology – Exclusive to the top spec Tiger 900 models are the unique-in-segment heated seats (with separate pillion control) and the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).


The new Tiger 900 is lighter overall by up to 5kg. The combination of new lightweight modular frame, new lighter weight engine, high specification suspension and premium category-leading Brembo brakes delivers a steep change in agility and capability, ensuring exceptional handling in all riding scenarios. Each Tiger 900’s centre of gravity has been revised, moving 40mm forwards and 20mm down compared with the predecessor 800 to deliver an enhanced weight distribution between the front and rear wheel and better low speed balance in all riding scenarios, all while maintaining the Tigers’ excellent ground clearance.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 India models now feature category-leading Brembo Stylema® brakes for superior stopping power. These are lightweight, compact, carefully sculpted and high performing calipers, with reduced volume around the pistons and brake pads, reducing the internal space occupied by brake fluid, delivering a more immediate braking response. Increased airflow around the brake pads also helps the calipers to cool quicker.

All-new aggressive styling, re-designed smaller-scale bodywork, revised finishes and cleaner lines give the new Tiger 900 a more distinctive and dominant adventure stance. This is supported by the narrow stand over width, the visually lighter front end and the dominant fuel tank design and size.

The all-new bodywork has a more focused and aggressive adventure style, and includes fuel tank, tank end panel, high mudguard, seat panel, radiator cowl and radiator duct exit. The finish and detailing is also improved to its highest ever level, making the Tiger 900 the new benchmark for quality.

As well as an all-new design, the Tigers’ new premium bodywork reflects revised finishes and cleaner lines that give the Tiger 900 a more distinctive and dominant adventure stance, with each model having enhanced details and touches that amplify their dual road and off-road bias.

Emphasizing its all-road capability and lightweight agile set-up, the new Tiger 900 has a narrow stand over width and is designed with a lighter front-end, reduced bodywork scale and a more dominantly styled fuel tank and new lighter weight frame.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 India Launch Price
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 India Launch Price

The Tiger 900 is available in the following colour schemes:
• Tiger 900 GT – Pure White, Sapphire Black and Korosi Red
• Tiger 900 Rally & Rally Pro – Pure White, Sapphire Black and Matt Khaki




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