2020 Volvo XC40 Petrol India Review, First Drive


The SUV segment in the Indian market is growing in every direction. Be it compact, medium, premium or full size. The same thing runs in the luxury segment as well. The manufacturers have everything to offer. Surprisingly, the Volvo range offers every range and it has been successful in offering everything to the Indian consumers also, including the most important thing, value for money.

The XC40 is also the same. The SUV has everything you would ever need from this segment of compact luxury SUV and even more. WE drove the earlier one last year and it was the diesel. This time around, its just the petrol that remains. Diesel has been discontinued and petrol engine is also the same layout with numbers not so far away from the diesel counterpart. How is it like to drive? We drove for a day in Goa to find out.


When it comes to the exterior and interior of the car, there are no major changes when compared to the diesel counterpart sold earlier. You get a perfectly executed design of a compact luxury SUV with stance, size, height and length in the right proportions. The dual tone color scheme is a world wide trend, the XC40 also gets it. Adequately sized 18-inch wheels and great color schemes on offer make the XC40 a properly handsome looking SUV in its class. R-design grille at the front is always a very premium touch to the car. Thor hammer LED DRl and full LED lights are on offer.


Interior is where the original car had a orange scheme but now its all black this time. The cabin has a very clean and sophisticated layout. A large touch screen in between handles every single duty you could ask for. A/C, infotainment, safety systems and all other options. The volume dial, drive mode button, the hazard light button and other things continue to be there.


The Steering wheel continues to offer most controls to operate the large LCD speedometer ahead which shows everything as well the driver needs to know to not be distracted. Be it navigation, songs, calls and trip information. Radar based cruise control, lane departure warning, collision warning and other systems are on ofer with the XC40 just like before. The gear lever is shift by wire so you have to go through things one by one instead of sliding things through the shift gates. A/c vents controls and layout is fantastic .


When it comes to driving the new petrol motor. The XC40 comes with a 2.0 litre 190 PS engine making 300 Nm of torque. THe engine is smooth and refined. NVH levels inside the cabin from the engine and overall wind and road noise are also very low. The engine does rev freely but it could been a bit more quicker. This makes it feel a bit lumpier but around red-line. It isn’t close to the BMW 2.0 litre petrol motor but it is closer to the Jaguar Inegium motor in terms of similarity to the feel. The gearbox is good enough and shifts smoothly and fast enough.


Volvo claims they are not aiming for anything sporty in driving which includes the engine part. So the shifts are fast, but not quick enough to feel sporty, even in sports mode. Driveability is excellent in all conditions. Be it in the city or on the highway. It does gather speed rather well considering its weight and the torque deficit of 100 Nm over the diesel variant.


Dynamically, the grip is good in terms of pushing the SUv around bends and the compound also is sticky enough to inspire confidence. All though, the traction control does cut in too early with the XC40 petrol version. Steering feedback is good enough for a SUV with minimum sporty intentions. It does weight up well on the highway for inspiring enough confidence. All four disc brakes provide ample stopping power with a good pedal bite. Body roll does exist, but its very well controlled. The SUV is very agile and nimble in city driving conditions making it easier to live with on a daily basis.


2020 Volvo XC40 Petrol India Review, Verdict


The XC40 diesel, honestly, was one of the best car in its class. It had everything a buyer was looking for in a compact luxury SUV. It was our favourite too, it won our comparison test as well. However, we are going to miss it, just like how i am going to miss seafood. The petrol is here and it is like poultry, you have been relying on it since forever as fuel and you have to use it because it brings more to table in every way but with small sacrifices. At an affordable price tag and everything else remains the same those are easily overshadowed and the XC40 is still the top choice in its class just like any other Volvo in any category.

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