2021 BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine Review – More Than A Replacement


2021 BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine may seem like a replacement for the 3 GT which existed earlier but it is clearly more than that. A car that becomes more subtle and powerful in its second avatar as a comfortable 3 series before its competitor draws a battle plan to fight let alone, ready a battle plan. Just like how Mercedes did with the E-class and then BMW countered the threat with a 6 GT. So the GT formula still works and yet BMW decided to make things different not just in India but on the global front. The design and everything else have taken a major leap.

BMW has an aggressive strategy of giving a lot of models to make sure they stand out and grab attention. This sedan is no different either. Be it on the inside and outside, it has what it takes to impress a set of consumers, but in a more subtle and luxurious way than before. We find out what the 3 Series GL has to offer and doesn’t to its prospective buyers.


On the outside, the 2021 BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine is an extended 3-series that we saw that came in late 2019. However, the extremely well-done proportion, the larger rear door integrating so well, it just feels right. Mind you, it does not look like a shorter 5-Series either, so full marks in the way the design is done. Though the 3-Series inspired front and rear fascia, grille and lamps remain identical.


The height and wheelbase are increased which makes look more practical even before setting foot inside. The elements on the car make it stand out. The build quality on the outside seems and sounds good. The diamond wheels look odd on this car because of the design and small size but then it’s not meant to be entirely sporty like an M340i or 330i which are purely enthusiast cars.


On the inside, the build and quality are good and so is the expansive feature list we have explained in our launch report. You get every feature possible except for the enthusiast-focused ones. A large sunroof, leather and powered seats, a large 10-inch screen with the best infotainment system in the world (Drive), a great Harmon Kardon sound system and more. All though ventilated seats or the option of massage seats at the rear would be ideal to be offered here. Gesture control is only reserved for the top-end sports variant. BMW has retained paddle shifters, which we think is a great addition.


Space is overwhelming at the back and in the front with good seat contouring and under-thigh support. Leg, shoulder and headroom are great. The boot space is good by segment standards. Road and wind noise inside the cabin is extremely well controlled. Safety kit continues to be high with electronic stability control, ABS EBD, traction control, cornering lamps, CBC, Six airbags, Hill Hold Assist and more is on offer and with the car scoring high figures in NCAP.


All BMW engines are smooth, free-revving and low on NVH and the one on 2021 3 Series Gran Limousine is no different. Be it in any part of the rev range. Be it petrol or diesel either, that is the best part of the BMW Group engines. We were driving the diesel with the fantastic 8-speed auto that was putting down 190 BHP and 400 Nm of torque from the wheels. Low and mid-range are good on the diesel. Top-end is good enough as well and it cruises at legal speeds easily. This makes good enough for city and highway duties. The fuel economy continues to be impressive side with the diesel motor gets 10 km/l in the city and 17 km/l on the highway.


Like most BMW cars, the low to medium ride quality is good, but the high-speed ride can be a bit floaty this time with the 2021 3 Series Gran Limousine. This means body roll increases as speeds get higher while taking a corner or changing lanes at high speeds. Despite that, the car stays composed and rooted to the tarmac in a straight line. The vertical movement this time around is slightly more obvious, but not bothersome. Steering is light, precise, and has almost good feedback, not great this time on offer. Want a razor-sharp 3-series? Book the M340i.


The ground clearance gets compromised with four passengers with very large speed breakers. Brakes are good with good pedal bite and tires are grippy lending you confidence. Overall, very easy and fun to drive by far compared to all its rivals.

2021 BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine Review, Verdict


2021 3 Series Gran Limousine then has everything to give the entry-level luxury car buyer everything he needs. A good price, a well-backed service and warranty scheme, and space at the back he can enjoy while not breaking the bank. All BMW cars are quite reliable and they have warranty schemes and service packages that suit your needs easily. Something that BMW excels at really well in India. With the 3-series lineup is now as versatile as it can get in India, BMW yet again has a winner on its hand without even too trying

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