All You Need To Know About 2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP!


The Yamaha MT-09SP the most radical Hyper Naked Sharper, smarter, more exclusive with its all-new engine and chassis, and radical new coverless body design that exposes its brutal and muscular good looks, the recently released 2021 MT-09 is the purest and most exciting Hyper Naked to date. For riders who demand the highest specification, Yamaha created the MT-09SP. This premium model features a host of upgrades including an aggressive supersport-influenced finish and fully adjustable suspension with an Öhlins rear shock absorber. The 2021 MT-09SP takes radical up a notch.

Dedicated SP colours and graphics
The MT-09SP’s exclusive new YZF-R1M-influenced Icon Performance colour scheme features a blue/black multi-toned paint scheme on the fuel tank and air ducts to give an even more aggressive and exclusive look to this top-of-the-range Hyper Naked. The premium finish is enhanced with seamless water-transfer graphics, and the supersport-style colours reinforce the bike’s puresports character and highlight the close technological links with the R1M.

Premium KYB front suspension package
Featuring 41mm tubes with a tough DLC (Diamond Like Carbon Coating) that ensures ultra-smooth and responsive suspension action, the premium specification KYB front forks feature adjustability for preload, rebound, and compression damping – enabling the SP rider to achieve the ultimate set-up to suit different riding situations. These state-of-the-art front forks are also equipped with low and high-speed compression damping adjusters for accurate tuning of the suspension.

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Öhlins rear shock absorber
To match the high-grade front suspension, the rear suspension system features a premium specification Öhlins rear shock absorber, offering the rider adjustability for compression and rebound damping. Equipped with a remote preload adjuster that enables quick and easy setting – this SP-exclusive rear suspension brings supersport handling precision to the Hyper Naked class.

Cruise control
In addition to the comprehensive electronic rider aids featured on the standard 2021 MT-09, the premium MT-09SP is also equipped with a cruise control system that enhances the overall riding experience. For a more relaxing ride on the highway, SP riders can choose to activate cruise control at speeds of 50km/h or above, and in fourth gear or higher. Once the speed has been set, it can be increased in 2km/h increments by single pushes of the switch, or steadily increased by holding down the same switch. The system is cancelled whenever the brakes, clutch, or throttle are used.

Double-stitched seat
The MT-09SP’s exclusive double-stitched seat with its contrasting stitching has been developed to give the rider an unrivalled feeling of unity when aboard this premium Hyper Naked. The shape of the seat and fuel tank – as well as the overall ergonomics – have been developed through Kanno Hyoka – that is to say, evaluating motorcycle performance based on test rider perceptions and feedback.

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Anodised brushed aluminium swingarm
Another feature that is exclusive to the MT-09SP is the beautifully finished swingarm that features a special buffed with clear coat surface that perfectly complements the new Crystal Graphite frame.
Together with other unique details – such as the yellow spring on the Öhlins rear shock absorber, and black drive sprocket– the SP’s swingarm reinforces the premium feel and pure sporty looks of this class leading model.

SP-specific chassis components
SP-specific features such as the anodised black handlebars and levers, as well as clear-smoked front and rear brake fluid reservoirs reaffirm the MT-09SP’s status as the most exclusive Hyper Naked in the class.

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Shared MT-09 & MT-09SP new features
• New larger-capacity 889cc EU5 engine
• All-new die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
• Six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
• Lean-sensitive rider aids: TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention modes ABS and Brake Control system (BC)
• D-MODE switchable engine running modes
• Quick Shift System (QSS)
• Full-colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments
• Compact, bifunctional LED headlight
• Lightweight SpinForged wheels
• Next-generation design and styling
• Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
• Radial front master cylinder
• 298mm dual front discs
• Refined A&S clutch

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and MT Apparel Yamaha offers a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed for the new MT-09 that enable every owner to build their very own machine. The constantly evolving line-up includes parts that enhance performance, protection and comfort through to cosmetic components that sharpen the bike’s image.

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