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2022 Hyundai Tucson vs Citroen C5 Vs Volkswagen Tiguan VS Compass

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Hyundai has launched the 4th-Gen Tucson in India at a starting price of Rs 27.7 lakh (ex-showroom, India). Pitted against the likes of Volkswagen Tiguan, Citroen C5 Aircross, and Jeep compass, the new Hyundai has got a competition cut out for it. In this specification review, we pit Tucson against its rivals to find out which one comes on the top:

The new generation Hyundai Tucson is the longest in this comparison and importantly, it features the longest wheelbase among rivals. This provides the Hyundai with a clear advantage in terms of the inside cabin space which is going to bode well for enhancing its appeal among prospective buyers. C5 Aircross, on the other hand, is the widest and tallest SUV while Jeep compass is the smallest one in the comparison. However, when it comes to fuel tank capacity, Jeep and VW have the largest 60-litre tanks while 18” wheels are common to all SUVs.

Engines and Transmission
Hyundai and Jeep offer buyers the choice of both petrol and diesel engines although VW is available quantity in the petrol guise while Citroen makes do with diesel only.

Petrol Engines
Tucson has the largest capacity petrol engine but it comes only with the naturally aspirated state of tune. Jeep and VW, on the other hand, use turbocharged technology for delivering more power with VW leading the race in power and torque output. In the transmission department too, Hyundai lags behind with its 6-speed torque converter while VW and Jeep employ modern 7-speed DSG for better performance delivery and smooth gear shifts. Tiguan is the only SUV here that comes with an all-wheel drive option in its petrol version.

Hyundai tucson vs citroen c5 vs jeep compass vs volkswagen tiguan

Diesel Department
Tucson comes out on the top in diesel department with its 2.0-litre diesel engine delivering the highest levels of max power and max torque respectively. Citroen occupies the second place while the Jeep settles at the last rung in diesel engine comparison. C5 Aircross is the only SUV that has front-wheel drive in its diesel guise while Tucson and Compass feature all-wheel drive in their diesel-auto avatars.

ADAS Feature
While all SUVs in this comparison come with digital instrument clusters, touchscreen systems, climate control, and six airbags, Hyundai Tucson is the only SUV in this comparison to feature ADAS, thereby offering it a considerable edge over its rivals. Under the ADAS package, Hyundai gets a blind spot assistant system, emergency Braking System, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist among others.

All SUVs in this comparison are surprisingly quite apart when it comes to pricing with the top-of-the-line variants. Jeep Compass has a considerable edge over its rivals with its mouthwatering tag of Rs 20.10 lakhs ex-showroom for the base variant. Although the base version will not offer you a feature-rich experience. Hyundai Tucson has a design edge over others to a large extent.

Meanwhile, the Compass is cheaper with the diesel automatic (non-trailhawk version) and has off-roading along with an exceptional ride and handling package. Citroen C5 is comfortable and the ease of use outshines the Hyundai Tucson and fairs well in all other areas but is expensive. Meanwhile, the VW Tiguan is only petrol offering and does everything that the other three do. The Tiguan has the lowest price tag offering quite a lot with a fantastic petrol motor on offer. Hyundai might like to look like the right package but only in diesel. The petrol choice is easily the VW Tiguan. Our choice continues to be the Citroen C5 Aircross though.

Hyundai tucson vs citroen c5 vs jeep compass vs volkswagen tiguan price
top-end prices on popularity of the variants

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