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2022 New Vespa GTS Revealed With Many Updates!

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The birth of a new Vespa is always an epic event because it continues an incredibly successful history founded on values of style and technology.

The new Vespa GTS continues the legacy of the legendary “Vespone”, as all the largest body Vespas were christened. Vespas with which to move elegantly around town but that are also ready to travel, or even adventure thanks to their increasingly more generous engines and superior comfort.

The style of Vespa is an icon of modern design and the new GTS family highlights this, thanks in part to a range of no fewer than fourteen different colour schemes available. The elegance is the result of a magical balance between tradition and modernity that comes out in the lines of the GTS, painstakingly refined down to the smallest detail, and a construction quality elevated to unprecedented levels.

The new Vespa GTS range comes packed with standard equipment and includes four versions, each of which has its own particular spirit: the classic and super elegant Vespa GTS, the contemporary GTS Super, the sporty GTS SuperSport, and the ultra technological Vespa GTS SuperTech. All are available with two super modern powerplants: the technological 125 i-get single-cylinder and the 300 hpe (High Performance Engine), fruit of the latest Piaggio Group technology, which aims to create engines that are increasingly more technologically advanced and efficient in terms of limiting emissions and consumption.

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The body of the new GTS family, as has always been the case throughout Vespa history, is made strictly of steel: a sustainable material because it is 100% recyclable which guarantees unrivalled strength as well as truly unique safety and dynamism. This body, which is a Vespa worldwide exclusive, is now paired with an entirely new front suspension. Maintaining the traditional, single-arm layout, the system has been redesigned in terms of functionality to guarantee greater stability, especially at high speeds, and to improve comfort and handling, thanks to the new suspension calibration.

Designed, as always, around the human body, Vespa boasts ideal ergonomics and a natural riding position that helps make it extremely comfortable, enjoyable to ride and accessible to everyone. The new Vespa GTS further highlights the strong touring and even travelling vocation which large Vespas have always embodied, offering a new seat with a superior comfort level even for the passenger and optimised ergonomics for easy footing on the ground at a standstill.

And with Vespa GTS, practicality and ease of use take another step forward with the introduction of the keyless system to activate the ignition without having to insert the traditional key, streamlining the operations of starting the engine, opening the seat, and locking the steering column, all of which can be done with the remote control conveniently in your pocket.

The SuperTech version confirms the ultra modern TFT colour display, whereas new instrumentation makes its début on all the other versions, unchanged in style and elegance, but more complete and capable of fully exploiting the potential of the VESPA MIA connectivity system, standard equipment on the SuperTech and the SuperSport and available as an optional accessory for the other packages.

All the versions of the new Vespa GTS are already available at Piaggio Group dealers.

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