Friday, September 22, 2023

2023 BMW X2 Spied Testing Will Be All New

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BMW X2 test mule was spotted testing again in Germany as the company continues to test run the upcoming variant of its popular entry-level crossover on its home turf. Codenamed U10, this next-generation X2 crossover is likely to make its entry into the market next year and will be designated 2024 BMW X2.

The upcoming model will be substantially different in terms of its outer looks and design. The influence of the hatchback design on new generation of the Crossover has toned down substantially as designers have focused more on incorporating styling cues of smaller X4 in X2 model. The production of 2024 X2 will begin in November 2023 and the crossover will share its front-wheel-drive architecture with its siblings belonging to the category of compact models of BMW lineup.

It is important to note that BMW continues to use a common platform for its electric and ICE models. This is in stark contrast with the Mercedes which has dedicated platforms for EVs and ICE vehicle categories. The 2024 X2 will make use of BMW’s FAAR platform and come equipped with a host of engine choices including the range-topping M35i capable of delivering 300bhp+ of raw power from a 2.0-litre Turbo 4 engine.

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It will be interesting to witness how prospective buyers will finally react to the 2024 BMW X2 crossover. In the past, both X1 and X2 have proved their mettle and with the new variant, BMW hopes to repeat the previous success story while grabbing even more market share across the world. There is no official word on the launch of the 2024 BMW X2 in the Indian market, but we guesstimate that it could possibly walks into our showrooms towards the end of 2024.


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