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2023 Okinawa OKHI-90 Gets Updated Substantially

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Okinawa Autotech today announced the launch of the all-new and advanced version of its flagship model ‘OKHI-90’ with AIS-156 Amendment 3 compliant battery pack, next-gen motor, and improved technology features.

As part of Okinawa Autotech’s business strategy following the collaboration with its JV partner Tacita (Italy), the two-wheeler manufacturer is upgrading its entire product portfolio to create a whole new experience for customers. The new 2023 Okhi-90 boasts features such as an upgraded encoder-based motor for precise positioning, improved driving quality, and easy servicing. It also includes a colored digital speedometer with built-in navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, call and notification alerts, time display, and music notifications. Additionally, 2023 Okhi-90 offers mobile app connectivity, enabling real-time battery SOC monitoring, real-time speed monitoring, and on/off notifications. Launched in 2022, the company has garned bookings of over 10,000 units in its first month of launch. The deliveries of all new OKHI-90 with the AIS-156 Amendment 3 battery pack will begin in September 2023.

2023 Okinawa OKHI-90 Gets Updated Substantially

SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE 2023 OKHI-90: The 2023 Okhi-90 is the flagship product designed for comfort and easy-to-ride ergonomics, making it an ideal choice for every customer, irrespective of age.

• Wide and longer seat with dimensions of 803 mm in height and an extended wheelbase of 1,520 mm.

• Comfortable ergonomics with dimensions of L=2220 mm | W=710 mm | H=1160 mm.

• The 2023 Okhi-90 now comes with an upgraded motor and an encoder-based system, providing precise positioning and signal accuracy. This upgrade also improves driving quality, and thermal stability and increases the overall lifecycle of the motor. Additionally, the motor is easily serviceable.

• Keeping comfort in mind, the front is equipped with a Hydraulic Telescopic suspension setup, while the rear features a Double Shocker with dual-tube technology suspension.

• The 2023 OKHI-90 is designed according to Indian road conditions and has a ground clearance of 175 mm.

• 2023 Okhi-90 comes with a micro-charger with an auto-cut function and an E-ABS (Electronic-Assisted Braking System) with regenerative energy.

• The 2023 Okhi-90 can reach speeds of up to 80-90 kmph and has a range of 160 km per charge.

INTELLIGENCE: The smart 2023 Okhi-90 comes with a combination of different sensors that provide intelligent features for enhanced safety and usability.

• SMART CONNECTIVITY: The “Okinawa Connect App” is a one-tap control for the 2023 Okhi-90 scooter. You can connect to the scooter with your mobile device and also control it using the remote key.

• REVERSE MODE: This feature allows you to move the scooter backward for ease when getting out of tight parking spots.

• GPS ENABLED: GPS sensing, real-time positioning, geo-fencing, and turn-by-turn navigation assistance are among the many other features present on the 2023 Okhi-90.

• ANTI-THEFT: The 2023 Okhi-90 senses vibrations when left parked and can detect if it’s being tampered with. An anti-theft alarm will start buzzing in such cases.

• REGENERATIVE BRAKING: It further comes with a regenerative braking system that enhances the range of the vehicle by recharging the battery every time the brake lever is pulled.

• COLORED SPEEDOMETER WITH BLE CONNECTIVITY: It comes with a colored digital speedometer, inbuilt navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, call, and notification alerts (under testing), time display, and music notifications.

• MOBILE APP CONNECTIVITY: The 2023 Okhi-90 comes with real-time battery SOC monitoring, real-time speed monitoring, and on/off notifications.

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