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2024 Mercedes All-Terrain E-Class Estate Revealed!

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Following the launch of the Saloon and the Estate, the All-Terrain rounds off the E-Class family as the third model. Mercedes-Benz has offered the E-Class Estate also as an All-Terrain since 2017.

The E-Class All-Terrain is equipped as standard with AIRMATIC single-chamber air suspension. It provides up to 46 mm more ground clearance and continuously adjustable damping for the compression and rebound stages of the shock absorbers.

Luggage capacity can be expanded from 615 to 1,830 litres. In the plug-in hybrid model, the capacity ranges from 460 to 1,675 litres.

Rear passengers benefit particularly from the 22-millimetre longer wheelbase (2,961 millimetres). They now also have 1,519 millimetres of elbow room – an increase of 25 millimetres.

The E-Class All-Terrain has a braked towing capacity of up to 2,100 kilograms. This also applies to the plug‑in hybrid. The unbraked towing capacity is 750 kilograms. Thanks to a tongue weight of up to 84 kilograms, e-bikes can also go along for the ride.

With the illuminated grille frame (optional), two optical fibre bundles positioned behind the chrome strips receive light from LED modules.

The screen graphics can be customised with two display styles (classic and sport) and three modes (navigation, assistance, service). With the new MBUX, the main display icons are now simpler and colour-coded to resemble smartphone screen tiles.

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Depending on the market, the communication module runs on 5G technology. This standard supports much faster data transfer rates than LTE/UMTS.

The digital vehicle key[1] lets drivers use an iPhone or Apple Watch as a car key. After pairing a compatible device[2] paired with the vehicle through Mercedes me connect, the device can be used to start, open and lock the E-Class All-Terrain. Key sharing is also possible. The digital key can be shared with up to 16 persons. In markets where Mercedes me connect services are available, the E-Class All-Terrain can be pre-equipped for the digital key as part of the KEYLESS-GO comfort package[3].

The privacy mode of the front passenger screen works in two stages: first, the seat occupancy recognition system registers whether the passenger seat is occupied. If it is, the passenger can use the touch screen functionality via MBUX. If the front passenger seat is not occupied, the screen shows a background image.

Customers can set up their own routines in the new E-Class All-Terrain using MBUX by linking conditions to functions. For example: “When the inside temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius, switch on the heated seats and set the ambient light to warm orange.”

Many people have personally experienced motion sickness (kinetosis) in a moving car. The new ENERGIZING COMFORT anti-motion sickness programme can alleviate the front passenger’s symptoms or delay their onset, reduce the perceived severity and generally increase wellbeing.

Now, in the new E-Class All-Terrain, the acoustics can be experienced with a third sense: the active light strip at the top of the instrument panel and in the front door panels can produce a visual interpretation of any content from entertainment sound sources.

The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control (optional extra) features a new type of air vent: all of the front nozzles can be electrically repositioned as if by magic. This new comfort function, called Digital Vent Control, is implemented with actuators. Two small electric motors are located in each ventilation duct.

With cd values from 0.28[4], the new E-Class All-Terrain is a top performer in its segment. The frontal area A, at 2.39 m2, is somewhat larger than that of the previous model (2.37 m2).

The standard Active Park Assistant can be launched intuitively from the touchscreen. Automatic entry and exit from parking spaces is also much quicker than before, as the speed has been increased to 4 km/h.

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A personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required for use of the Mercedes me connect services. In addition, the vehicle must be paired with the corresponding user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed on payment of a fee, provided they are still offered for the corresponding vehicle at that point. Initial activation of the services is possible within one year from first vehicle registration or commissioning by the customer, whichever comes first. To use the digital vehicle key, the customer’s own data storage is needed.

At the market launch, the digital vehicle key will be compatible with iPhone 11 and later (except iPhone SE) and Apple Watch 6 and later (except Apple Watch SE). Devices must have UWB capability. Mercedes-Benz is continually working to expand the range of compatible devices.

In addition to the KEYLESS-GO entry and driving authorisation system and pre-installation for digital keys, the feature package includes flush door handles, convenience opening/closing and remote closing of the boot lid.

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