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2024 MG Comet EV Long Term Review

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The MG Comet has been my friend for the last three months and I started to like him more and more. Here’s a look back at my time with this new addition to our long term garage. Nothing can prepare you for the attention, but also makes people stop and show it to others. The white Comet we have is already everyone’s favorite in the area. I get the waves and the appreciation despite they don’t know what the car is. Everyone i know is already trying their best to purchase this, as the only thing stopping them is a charging point. Often what makes people pay attention to something on the road is the size and shape of the road. Not only does it create bias, but people approach me to learn more about it, look ahead and ask the price.


To be honest, I come from a family of full-fledged people. But for Comet, this is not a problem. I get in the car with three members of my family and Comet said there was no issues. Since they sat in the back seat, there was no space problem apart from the slight squeeze and mildly bumpy ride.

There has been a software update and since i have noticed Eco mode feels more relaxed and still does it job as the Sport mode also feels much linear than before while delivering the full power. Launching this car of the line just puts a smile on every one’s face. Every single time i gave this car to my colleague, and he came to pick me up, i smile every single time. If it is a Sunday and i get down in the building, i am always asked questions and progress about the Comet!

Another reason why many people are attracted to the Comet is its cabin. They can see the big screen from far away and it makes them go wow every single time. They also have trouble figuring out how to get into the back area. A quick glance at the single lever that moves the passenger seat forward brings a look of surprise to their face.


As for charging the Comet, I charge the 17.3 kWh battery using our friends’ AC charger. A 7.2 kW device is installed, but the Comet only supports a 3.3 kW capacity. So every time we charge the battery from 20% to 100%, the charging process only takes 5 hours. When you travel 10 kilometers, the Comet uses only 10 percent of the charge in air conditioning and ECO mode.

Range anxiety I experienced with the car is zero. Since i plan my trips within the city and my other two friends have chargers too, i have no issues. Despite the fact, i haven’t used it even once. I use the one where i stay close to my friend nearby house which is barely 3 kms away. In terms of problems the TPMS seems to be not working well and the seat continue to be a bit slim for all body types, not just mine.


Overall, we couldn’t be more happy with the Comet EV and love to spend more time with this. The Comet is a blessing in disguise in today’s time. Our team members cannot imagine life without this and it will be the hardest to let go. The last thing was this hard to let go had a V8 engine under the bonnet, it is that good!

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
NOT A Commander, Director, Editor-In-This/ That, CEO, MD, President, Entrepreneur, etc etc. Just a first employee at Thrust Zone with a team of enthusiasts who love car and motorcycles more than anything else in the world, just like I do. Hashtag blessed

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