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2024 Skoda Superb and Kodiaq – Two Big Launches – Partially Revealed!

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Both the new Superb and Kodiaq have thus ventured beyond the Arctic Circle and into the extreme temperatures of the American deserts. While in the deserts they test their resistance to high temperature and the ability to withstand the local fine dust, in the freezing conditions this time the engineers focused on tuning the new two-valve adaptive shock absorbers, for example. These are an optional extra on both cars and have already won plaudits from journalists during their first drives in the camouflaged prototypes.

In-depth and detailed testing takes place right from the start of development. Škoda scrutinises not only every single component of the car, but also the individual materials that will be used to make them. Every aspect of the prototype cars is tested: from durability, noise level, corrosion resistance, functionality of electronics, parts’ resistance to extreme temperatures and so on. Of course, the plug-in hybrid versions of the Superb and Kodiaq have also been put through specific tests, including charging trials under various conditions. The result is sophisticated, perfectly working cars that customers will enjoy as reliable companions on their travels.

2024 Skoda Super and Kodiaq - Two Big Launches - Partially Revealed!

Škoda has redesigned the interiors of both upcoming models, including enhancements to the steering wheel, instrument cluster, dashboard, and decorative trim. A Škoda first: the gear selector has moved to the steering column in both models, making it particularly accessible. As a result, the centre console has a tidy, clearly structured layout, opening up additional space for the front passengers. Other firsts in the Kodiaq and the Superb include a head-up display complementing the 10-inch Virtual Cockpit, and a free-standing central infotainment display that is larger than ever, measuring 13 inches diagonally. Also debuting in both models, Škoda Smart Dials are innovative rotary push-buttons that cleverly integrate haptic and digital components for a more intuitive experience.

With the introduction of Škoda Smart Dials, the Czech carmaker is taking the proven combination of haptic and digital controls in its vehicles to the next level. This entirely new approach consists of three rotary push-buttons below the infotainment screen, each with a 32-millimetre digital display. These allow quick access to numerous vehicle functions based on the equipment level. The two outer Smart Dials for the driver and front passenger control the interior temperature, seat heating, and seat ventilation, displaying the currently active function. The centre Smart Dial controls up to four different functions, such as the infotainment volume, fan speed, air direction, smart air conditioning, driving modes, and map zoom. The central Smart Dial is configured via the infotainment system menu, and pressing the button switches between functions.

The quest for enhanced comfort onboard is evident in the new additions, including the Phone Box with fast inductive smartphone charging capabilities of up to 15 W – and in the Kodiaq, this extends to two phones – paired with an active cooling function. Additionally, passengers benefit from up to four USB-C ports with a power output of 45 W, as well as a convenient 15 W USB-C port on the rear-view mirror. Not to be overlooked, the new Kodiaq is available with ergo seats complete with a pneumatic massage function. Rear-seat passengers will also appreciate a fresh storage compartment in the centre tunnel. In the Superb, a redesigned steering wheel, instrument cluster and decorative trim elements blend seamlessly with enhanced optional massage seats. These now include ten pneumatically controlled massage cushions and an extensive selection of programs, with four-way adjustable lumbar support. Matching the Kodiaq, all heating functions for the seats, steering wheel, windscreen, and rear window can be conveniently managed via a configurable Heaters button in the climate control menu.

Škoda demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by using environmentally responsible materials for all interior textiles, as well as for two iconic Simply Clever features: the umbrella in the driver’s door and the ice scraper. Continuing the approach of other Škoda models, the traditional equipment lines have been replaced by the Design Selections concept: In the Kodiaq, customers can opt for Loft, Lounge, or ecoSuite in Black or Cognac, with textiles crafted from 100% recycled polyester. The leather in the ecoSuite Design Selection benefits from an eco-friendly tanning process using coffee bean processing residues. For the fourth-generation Superb, the Essence trim level includes the Design Selection Studio, with choices for the Selection trim level encompassing Loft and Lounge, as well as the Design Selection Suite in Black and Cognac. The top L&K model extends the offer with the Design Selection L&K Suite in Black and Cognac, boasting leather sustainably tanned using wastewater from olive processing.

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