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2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Launched In India – Completes 10 Years In India

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On the momentous occasion of completing 10 successful years in India, Triumph Motorcycles is thrilled to unveil the MY24 Tiger 900 range, boasting significant upgrades in performance, capability, and comfort. The MY24 Tiger 900 is designed to set a new benchmark in the middle weight adventure motorcycles – not just for performance and specification, but also, for their character and the ride it delivers.

Building upon the Tiger’s established reputation as an award-winner and rally competitor, the new line-up delivers a truly remarkable adventure motorcycle experience. The new Tiger 900 range boasts an array of exciting features that raise the standards for the entire segment of middleweight adventure bikes. The new line-up includes the Tiger 900 GT and the Rally Pro, each of which are packed with significant upgrades both in terms of performance and specification.

Unleashing More Power

The heart of the Tiger 900 beats even stronger in its 2024 iteration. The Tiger 900’s trademark three-cylinder engine has received a major update, resulting in a 13% power increase, reaching a peak of 108 PS. This translates to exhilarating acceleration and effortless performance across the entire rev range. Additionally, the engine retains the iconic T-plane crank configuration, ensuring the characteristic Tiger sound riders adore. Riders will also appreciate the improved fuel economy of up to 9%, making longer journeys even more enjoyable.

2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Updated Enough To Make A Difference!

Enhanced Capability for Every Rider

The new Tiger 900 prioritizes rider safety and control with a suite of cutting-edge features. Upgraded brakes deliver exceptional stopping power, while the innovative emergency deceleration warning system automatically activates hazard lights during rapid braking, alerting following traffic. Enhanced marker lights improve visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Triumph understands the diverse needs of adventure riders. To cater to various riding styles and environments, the Tiger 900 offers up to six riding modes – Road, Rain, Sport, and Off-Road are standard in both the variants. The Rally Pro take customization a step further with additional modes like Rider Programmable and Off-Road Pro, allowing riders to fine-tune the motorcycle to their preferences. The ride modes optimize engine performance, traction control, and ABS settings for a safe and exhilarating ride.

2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Updated Enough To Make A Difference!

Designed for All-Day Comfort

Long journeys become a breeze on the new Tiger 900. The redesigned seat features a plush, ergonomic design and 20 mm of adjustability, ensuring a perfect fit for riders of all heights. Furthermore, a new damped handlebar system significantly reduces fatigue and enhances overall ride comfort.

Aggressive Styling & Personalized Choice

Triumph has refined the Tiger 900’s signature adventure styling for a sharper, more aggressive look. The new bodywork boasts a cleaner, more integrated design that flows seamlessly from the front beak to the side panels. Riders can personalize their Tiger with a choice of three striking new paint schemes tailored to each model.

2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Updated Enough To Make A Difference!

A World of Possibilities with Accessories

The new Tiger 900 range offers a world of possibilities for customization with an extensive lineup of over 50 genuine Triumph accessories. The Protection pack provides essential protection for your Tiger, while the Trekker and Expedition packs offer tailored luggage solutions for extended touring or off-road adventures.

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