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2024 Yamaha MT-09 SP Version Is Here To Make Things Racier!

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Ten years ago, Yamaha changed the game with the introduction of a radical new machine which kick-started the Hyper Naked revolution and changed everything in the world of motorcycling. The three-cylinder MT-09 was a bike like no other. Deviating from the norms of Japanese motorcycle design, this new model sought its inspiration from the edgy and dynamic motorcycle urban sub-culture found on the streets of Japan’s largest cities – the Dark Side of Japan.

The result was a bold and exciting machine that stimulated the senses with every twist of the throttle, introducing another dimension to riding and the start of a new era for Yamaha. Over 385,000 MT models have been sold across Europe since, each one of them inspiring motorcycle riders from young to old with their exhilarating torque-rich performance and aggressive, edgy styling. The MT-09 marks its 10th anniversary with a comprehensive new bodywork intended to amplify the feeling of the CP3’s iconic torquey acceleration.

The styling concept behind the MT-09 has always been that of ‘functional beauty’, eliminating unnecessary features and embodying a ‘less is more’ approach. Each detail has been re-considered to reinforce the MT-09’s pure aggression and maximise an engaged riding experience. The new MT-09 SP takes the already exceptional MT-09 platform even further with a higher specification including upgraded suspension and brakes, an exclusive look and finish plus track-focused technology and electronics.

For 2024, the MT-09 features new Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) modes which allow riders to maximise the performance of the 890cc CP3 engine. This is by selecting engine power characteristics and altering the degree of assistance from the various electronic aids (Traction Control System, Slide Control System etc.).

Riders can choose from SPORT, STREET, and RAIN modes with the option to fine tune two further CUSTOM settings. The MT-09 SP exclusively features the addition of TRACK modes to the YRC settings, enabling the rider to customise four extra patterns to suit certain track scenarios, for example a specific circuit or track conditions.

The individual TRACK modes allow for more refined, specialised settings, including the option of deciding between two Engine Brake Management (EBM) settings and the ability to alter the level of Brake Control (BC). Additionally, riders also have the option of turning the rear ABS off to further enhance on track performance.

Each mode can be altered and set directly in the dashboard menu or using the free MyRide app on a smartphone before being sent to the MT-09 SP. This is where riders can switch between each mode effortlessly using the newly designed switchgear. The on-track riding experience is further enhanced by a dedicated SP-exclusive TRACK theme for the MT-09 SP’s new 5″ full colour TFT display, offering information such as a lap timer and other track-focused details.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 SP

The superior specification of the MT-09 SP is designed to further amplify the exhilarating performance both on the road and on the track. The introduction of new Brembo monoblock ‘Stylema’ calipers refines braking performance with the very latest technology from the famous Italian firm. The ‘Stylema’ calipers feature a slimmer piston and brake pad area compared to conventional calipers, as well as being lighter, more rigid and offering enhanced control in braking input. In addition, larger-diameter pistons are adopted for increased braking forces, allowing MT-09 SP riders to experience the next level in braking performance.

SP-exclusive premium suspension, front and rear, brings Supersport-level handling and precision to the Hyper Naked class.The gold-finish DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated, 41mm KYB forks and Öhlins monoshock feature a higher spring rate, offering outstanding stability during more spirited, sporty riding. In addition, the damping characteristics have been refined to enhance the comfort of the ride.

The higher specification KYB forks offer full adjustability for preload, re-bound and compression dampening allowing SP riders the option to fine-tune their set-up to suit a variety of different riding situations. The Öhlins monoshock completes the MT-09 SP’s high-end suspension package, offering full adjustability for compression and re-bound damping as well as being equipped with a remote preload adjuster to enable quick and easy changes.

Yamaha’s SP models are renowned for taking the next leap in technological advancement and the MT-09 SP becomes the first Hyper Naked to feature Yamaha’s Smart Key System. The engine is started by pressing and turning the newly designed main switch, provided that the smart key is within a specified range such as in the rider’s pocket. The all-new switch also features a lock and unlock option for the fuel tank cap, further simplifying the riding experience through the ability to turn the bike on, off and re-fuel at the twist of a switch.

In line with keeping one eye on the track, the MT-09 SP features the exclusive silver, black and Yamaha Racing blue Icon Performance livery on the fuel tank and air-intakes to offer an even more aggressive and exclusive look. The Supersport-inspired colourway reinforces the MT-09 SP’s sporty character and highlights the close technological links to the R1M – the most advanced high-performance production Yamaha ever built. The high quality, premium finish is exemplified by the classy, brushed aluminium swingarm, exclusive to the MT-09 SP.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 SP

SP-specific Features
R1M inspired colours and premium finish
Four customisable TRACK Yamaha Ride Control modes
Exclusive TRACK display theme for new 5” full colour TFT dashboard
Premium Brembo Stylema calipers
Fully adjustable, DLC coated, 41mm KYB front forks in gold
Fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock
Smart Key System
Brushed aluminium swingarm

2024 MT-09 Technical Highlights
Sharper, more compact looks including re-designed bi-functional LED headlight
New 5” full colour TFT screen with smartphone connectivity and navigation
Customisable riding experience via Yamaha Ride Control (YRC)
Modify YRC settings via smartphone with MyRide app
Handlebar and footpeg position modified for a more engaged riding experience
Separated new seat unit
Precise formed new fuel tank
Acoustic amplifier grille
Latest 890cc, three-cylinder, four-valve DOHC liquid-cooled EU5+ CP3 engine
Six-axis IMU with full suite of lean sensitive rider aids now including Back Slip Regulator (BSR); BSR is automatically turned off when in TRACK mode.
Cruise control
New Brembo radial master cylinder
Third generation quickshifter
New Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M tyres
Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame
Adjustable brake and clutch levers

The new MT-09 SP will be available in the exclusive Icon Performance colour. Delivery dates to European dealers and prices vary per region, so please contact the national Yamaha distributor for full information.

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