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2025 Mercedes S-Class Revealed With Subtle Updates

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class kicks off the new model year with visual and technical upgrades, with customers able to place orders from the end of April 2024. The first vehicles will arrive at sales partners at the end of July (Europe), end of August (United States) and in September (China). There is a choice of two new exterior paint finishes: verde silver metallic and velvet brown metallic. Comfort front head restraints with additional cushions have been added to the already extensive standard equipment.

Mercedes-Benz is enhancing its video streaming offering by an integration of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s (SPE) cutting-edge RIDEVU service. RIDEVU gives customers access to a diverse range of video entertainment directly in their vehicle. It provides users with advanced controls and features designed specifically for the car. These enable consumers to conveniently stream SPE content on demand, directly from their vehicles. It includes a curated library of films available for streaming, enriching the Mercedes-Benz entertainment bundle.

Mercedes-Benz has further optimised the MBUX user interface: suggestions for assisted parking are now located more intuitively in the menu and therefore easier for the customer to use. The ‘pre-installation for the Digital Vehicle Key’ service from Mercedes me, which is already available in Europe, will in future also be available in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, the pre-installation will be usable with compatible Android devices.

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Another new feature in the S-Class is the occupant presence reminder. It can help draw attention to people that may have been left in the rear of the vehicle. It activates and deactivates automatically by opening a rear door for a longer period of time on the assumption that people have entered the vehicle and are in the backseat.

The Mercedes-Benz Automatic Lane Change (ALC) function now offers an intelligent development of the SAE Level 2[1] driving assistance systems also in Europe. Automatic Lane Change is supported on motorway-like roads (for example with structural separation between traffic travelling in opposite directions). The function is installed ex-factory in the 2024 model year S-Class.

Automatic Lane Change is part of Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC with Active Steering Assist. If a slower vehicle is travelling ahead, the car can initiate a lane change itself. If the radar recognises sufficient open space and lane markings are detected, it can overtake the slower vehicle in front fully automatically. The prerequisites are a motorway-like road with at least two lanes and a speed limit as well as a vehicle equipped with MBUX Navigation. The system does not require any further input from the driver to carry out the automatic lane change. Responsibility for controlling the vehicle remains with the driver. Therefore, they must monitor the lane-change process throughout. Mercedes-Benz already offers Automatic Lane Change for some models in the U.S. and Canada.

2025 Mercedes S-Class Revealed With Subtle Updates (2)

Since the launch of the current generation in December 2020, Mercedes-Benz has continuously developed the S-Class and expanded the customisation options as part of the MANUFAKTUR programme. Previous product upgrades include, for example, the clearly laid out MBUX Zero Layer user interface and the ultimate sound experience with Dolby Atmos. The OLED centre display is also now standard, as is MBUX Entertainment Plus. In addition to music streaming services and Internet radio, MBUX also offers video streaming via YouTube and RIDEVU. The customisation package[2] includes entertaining mini-games such as Sudoku, atmospheric modes that adjust the interior settings and displays to selected themes, and extended projection functions for vehicles with DIGITAL LIGHT.

All updates also apply to the armoured version of the special-protection version of the luxury model, the S 680 GUARD 4MATIC (energy consumption combined: 20.0 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions combined: 453 g/km | CO₂ class: D)[3]. This special-protection version is powered by the V12 (M279) engine with 450 kW/612 hp.

The S 680 GUARD’s protection class of VPAM VR10 fulfils the highest ballistic test level for civilian vehicles in transparent as well as non-transparent areas in accordance with applicable VPAM (Association of test centres for attack-resistant materials and structures) ERV (Explosive Resistant Vehicles) and BRV (Bullet Resistant Vehicles) guidelines. The S-GUARD has been certified with three out of three stars in the ERV test involving the biofidelic dummy.

The integrated protection system (iPS) includes a dedicated body-in-white made from protective elements. The (aluminium) outer skin serves as a design shell and ensures an inconspicuous appearance. As well as armour plating, the iPS also incorporates adaptations to the chassis, engine and transmission. This ensures handling as close as possible to that of the regular production variant. Thanks to this concept, the occupants of an S-GUARD enjoy the comfort and conveniences of a series-production S-Class as well as an almost identical sense of spaciousness. The lifecycle of the GUARD vehicles is also on par with series-production. Because they are developed in parallel with the high-volume models, the process takes into account the extensive adaptations necessary for the very special demands made of the S-GUARD.

2025 Mercedes S-Class Revealed With Subtle Updates (2)

The S-Class is the Mercedes-Benz flagship and a technological pioneer in many areas. Here are the most important innovations of the 223 model series:

DRIVE PILOT[1] is the world’s first SAE Level 3 system with an internationally valid system approval for conditionally automated driving. Under certain conditions, DRIVE PILOT takes over the dynamic driving task. When DRIVE PILOT is activated, the driver can devote themselves to certain secondary activities.[2] DRIVE PILOT has been available for the S-Class in Germany since May 2022 and in the U.S. states of California and Nevada since the autumn of 2023. Mercedes-Benz was also one of the first car manufacturers to receive approval for testing in Beijing in December 2023.
DIGITAL LIGHT headlamp technology (optional) has a light module in each headlamp with several extremely powerful LEDs whose light is refracted and directed with the aid of 1.3 million micromirrors. Among other things, DIGITAL LIGHT enables auxiliary markings or warning symbols to be projected onto the road.
Rear-axle steering (optional) reduces the turning circle of the S-Class by up to two metres. The steering angle at the rear axle is up to 10 degrees.
The E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL active suspension (optional) can individually control the spring and damper forces on each wheel and thus counteract not only rolling, but also pitching and lifting movements. Together with ROAD SURFACE SCAN and the CURVE cornering function, E‑ACTIVE BODY CONTROL provides an exceptional level of comfort. In the event of an imminent side impact with another vehicle, the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension can also raise the body within a few tenths of a second. This is a function of the PRE-SAFE® Impulse side and can reduce the loads exerted on the occupants.
The fourth generation of the hybrid drive celebrated its premiere in the S-Class in 2021. Drivers can now cover most everyday journeys using only electricity.
Active ambient lighting (optional) is an additional lighting level with around 250 LEDs. It is integrated into the driving assistance systems and can visually support their warnings.
The innovative rear airbag (optional for the long-wheelbase S-Class) can significantly reduce the impact on the head and neck of the occupants in the outer rear seats in the event of a serious frontal collision. Another innovative restraint system is the beltbag (optional). This inflatable belt strap can reduce the loads exerted on the occupants’ chests in the event of a severe frontal collision.
[1] Mercedes-Benz driving assistance and safety systems are aids and do not release the driver from their responsibility. They should observe the instructions provided in the user manual and the system limitations described.

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