22 Motors Obtained A Worldwide patent For Hill Assist Control on Two Wheelers


22 Motors obtained a worldwide patent for its invention of the hill assist control feature, a first in two-wheelers globally. The patent was filed on 7th February 2019 and was granted on 9th May 2019.

Adding to customer safety, 22Motors has further fortified its thoughtful riding experience for their consumers with this achievement. The special feature will provide riders with a composed all-terrain journey while also eliminating any possibility of accidents when on inclined ground. On a gradient, hill-assist control automatically engages and stops the two-wheeler from rolling backwards and gives the rider a few seconds to accelerate forward. This system also prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards during bumper-to-bumper traffic, a feature useful in the urban areas.

Mr. Parveen Kharb, CEO and Co-founder – 22Motors said, “We often underestimate the dangers of riding uphill and while most four-wheelers are complete with safety features like hill start assist, we firmly believe that everyone has an equal right to safety. We felt the need to engineer similar technology for two-wheelers and we are thrilled that our commitment to deliver the best to our consumers has been recognized in the form of this patent. At 22Motors, rider safety is integral to our business and our products speak for our philosophy. This invention is yet another step in our journey to make premium products that are futuristic, powerful and practical.”

22-motors-The Flow (2)

The hill assist feature is one among many others that keep 22Motors ahead of its time. 22Motors’ upcoming model – the Flow – has three modes: Reverse mode, Cruise mode and Drag mode. With the inclusion of the reverse mode, 22Motors becomes the first two-wheeler globally to save their riders the hassle of manually backing up the vehicle every time they bring the scooter out of the parking area. The drag mode available on the scooter allows riders to continue riding the scooter during a breakdown at 3 kilometres per hour, which is the average walking speed, eliminating the need to drag the scooter. The features are a result of not only listening in closely to the consumer but deep diving into their needs.

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