Air Conditioning For Your Helmet is Finally Here – The BluSnap Helmet Cooler


Air Conditioning For Your Helmet is Finally Here and it is called, BluSnap Helmet Cooler offers seriously impressive tech

The latest trends in motorcycling industry are vast. We’ve seen a variety of futuristic motorcycle centric products launch and evolve since the last decade; be it in terms of safety, convenience or just as a pure fashion accessory. Some products like Bluetooth equipped helmet intercom systems changed the way we communicated with fellow riders whilst on the move or take the case of action cameras, which are mighty helpful for safety and security and also are great for motorcycle vlogs or for making awesome video content.

India isn’t far behind in all this tech wizardry and now AptEner Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore based start-up, is taking it one step further by introducing wearable helmet coolers. Sounds cool right! AptEner recently showcased their latest wearable helmet cooler for full-face helmets called as BluSnap. As of now the BluSnap is available at an introductory price tag of Rs. 1,899 and its deliveries will commence by March 2018.

So what exactly is BluSnap? Primarily designed to fit full-face helmets, BlueArmour’s BluSnap can be mounted on to the existing vent using a strap. The black reservoir holds water and houses a fan whilst also holding on-board batteries used to power the fan. The principle is simple – suck air from the front, cool it and transfer it to rider. BlueArmour claims that on a full charge, the device can run for up to 10 hours.

BluSnap Helmet Cooler (2)

The BluSnap is also claimed to reduce in–helmet temperatures by an amazing 6-15 degrees while still consuming less than 1 watt of power. I am sure this would prove of great help in our hot and humid summers. BluSnap also comes in 5 strap designs to make sure it fits to a wide range of audience and motorcycle helmets.

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Vega Auto which is one of India’s famous motorcycle helmet manufacturers has announced its partnership with BlueArmour this year. Vega Auto also has a premium line of helmets called Axor Helmets. The duo will work on developing next generation of Axor models that’ll include BlueArmour’s cooling technology. The new line of Axor Helmets is expected to arrive this year.

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