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All In A Week! Volkswagen Expands, Delivers And Reveals A Slogan!

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Along with new car sales, the brand has witnessed a surge in its pre-owned car business as well. The Das WeltAuto. (DWA) business has grown by 25% in Gujarat (vs. last year) encouraging Volkswagen India to expand its network presence to Anand, Bharuch and Bardoli. Pre-owned car customers are increasingly growing their trust in OEM driven brands such as Das WeltAuto. owing to the value for money
proposition they receive from a trusted brand like Volkswagen. The DWA business offers customers a multi-brand solution of buying, selling, exchange and upgrade.

VW Landmark at the Ahmedabad

The brand offers customers a holistic offering including purchase of an extended warranty, service value package, accessories that makes the pre-owned vehicle brand new. Customers can also evaluate the pre-owned vehicle via the DWA Evaluator Application to transparently know the value of their vehicle (available on GooglePlay and Apple Store). The total network strength of Volkswagen in India is at 183 sales and 131 service facilities out of which 15 sales and 8 service touchpoints are in the state of Gujarat.

VW Onam delivery

On the joyous occasion of the first day of Onam, Chingam 1, Volkswagen India delivered 150 Volkswagen cars in the state of Kerala, in a single day. These included, 5-star rated GNCAP Volkswagen Virtus and Volkswagen Taigun, and the globally acclaimed Volkswagen Tiguan, each showcasing the brand’s signature German engineering, unparalleled driving experience and utmost commitment to safety.
In addition to the new car mega delivery, the brand also delivered 50 carefully-selected, pre-owned cars under its Das WeltAuto(DWA) business to customers.
Volkswagen India resonates with the spirit of Chingam 1, as the occasion symbolizes the essence of embarking on new beginnings, new journeys, just as Volkswagen vehicles represent the beginning of exciting and memorable driving experiences. Chingam 1 is a reminder that every day brings the promise of a new opportunity.

Volkswagen India rolls-out its new brand communication ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’ that captures the true emotion of owning a car: ‘For those who are in love with driving, in love with motion’. A Volkswagen isn’t just a car, it’s a people’s car. Our customers vouch for it. “I cannot wait to grab my keys and go for a drive in my Volkswagen. It’s such a no-nonsense car,” said one of the Volkswagen consumers.

Filled with stories that become memories, it absorbs the emotions of all its occupants while being driven and covering million kilometers across the cities of India. A true driver’s choice that receives an unparalleled experience of uncompromised safety, superior build quality, comfort and fun-to-drive journey.

The new brand communication captures a 360° perspective emphasizing what it means to drive a Volkswagen. A brand promise that prioritizes a holistic customer experience, right from the offerings to must-have essential product features that service initiatives, making us transparent and valuable. A Volkswagen stands for accessible and premium mobility solutions, a value-for-money proposition to its customers.

RGB VW volkswagen new car colours range 2

Conceptualized by the DDB Mudra Group with media planning by PHD, the new consumer-friendly campaign takes a brand-first approach to build a robust emotional equity in the automobile market. You’re in a Volkswagen is inclusive: It’s about people & their families, the human moments that make Volkswagen, a Volkswagen. One must experience it, to understand the beauty of it. In a belief to deliver on the promise constantly, this is a stride to become more accessible to Indians & celebrate the rich diversity that India entails.

The hallmark of this campaign lies in its availability in eight local languages which stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to fostering stronger connections with its customers. This multilingual endeavor ensures that the brand message is not just understood, but also felt on a personal and emotional level, making the campaign a truly immersive experience.

The brand has a strong portfolio of German-engineered cars: Virtus, Taigun & Tiguan. In tandem with the India 2.0 strategy, Volkswagen cars are bigger, bolder & better. Taigun and Virtus have owned the safety narrative on Indian roads – with both scoring the five stars for adult and child occupant safety on the GNCAP safety tests. Armed with this strong portfolio, Volkswagen India is creating a larger network and bringing the Volkswagen experience closer to customers.

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