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All New 2025 Infiniti QX80 Reimagined With New Design Inside Out!

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In front, QX80 wears the newest iteration of the signature INFINITI double-arch grille. Inspired by the organic shapes of a bamboo forest, the grille shape hints at a powerful, commanding driving experience.

Designers precisely positioned lighting elements to define a strong face for QX80. Narrow, multi-element “Digital piano key’ LED Daytime Running Lights at either side of the upper grille complement the illuminated INFINITI emblem – which now has a more three-dimensional appearance. Lower in the front fascia are the vehicle’s combination lamps, along with discreet air curtain vents that help aerodynamically optimize air flow around the wheel wells.

The sleek, minimalist design theme is especially evident in profile. Flush door handles, which automatically present themselves when the vehicle is unlocked, result in a cleaner, tidier appearance and contribute to improvements in QX80’s aerodynamic performance. Two harmonious character lines – one from the headlamps through the shoulder line, below the windows; the second, tracing from the front bumper to the creases in the lower doors – add character. Blacked-out door pillars contribute to a sleeker appearance for the upper body.

In the rear, a full-width LED lighting element draws the eye. Its segmented design recalls the appearance of the grille and DRLs while its curved profile was inspired by the tranquil reflections of light upon a body of water. Featuring over 300 LEDs, the lamps have a smoked finish and illuminate in a vibrant shade of red, with a pronounced upper section accompanied by a series of horizontal light bars below.

The all-new QX80 offers seven striking body paint colors, headlined by a new INFINITI color called Dynamic Metal. In development for more than six years, it was designed to provide a liquid metal feel that emphasizes the QX80’s body surfaces. Thanks in part to a precise process that ensures metallic flakes lay flat in the paint, the result is a smooth texture and a hue that dramatically changes based on viewing angle.

In a nod to the Japanese principle of thoughtful hospitality, the all-new QX80 features a dramatic welcome sequence that includes activation of the available INFINITI Light Path. Upon approaching the vehicle with the key fob, the flush door handles automatically extend to welcome occupants. A stunning light show proceeds when the vehicle is unlocked: the INFINITI emblem illuminates, followed by individual elements in the DRLs, continuing from the center of the vehicle outwards. It culminates in the INFINITI Light Path, a stunning projection on the ground featuring the INFINITI wordmark and wing-like geometric shapes.

The All-new 2025 INFINITI QX80

The interior of the all-new QX80 is heavily inspired by Japanese culture and the principle of miyabi. Derived from Kyoto artisan culture, it references the use of layered, soft materials and gorgeous, flowing integration of technology and extraordinarily high-quality materials. Soft-touch materials abound, with particular attention paid to layering them over any hard parts where passengers’ arms or elbows may rest upon them. Additionally, elements like leather appointments, wood trims, suede and metal seamlessly incorporate high-tech items like touchscreens.

QX80’s dashboard concept uses two 14.3-inch displays. Ahead of the driver is a configurable meter with three views – Classic, Elegant and Enhanced – that can be operated by way of an ergonomically positioned jog wheel on the right of the steering wheel. That jog wheel can also operate the center INFINITI InTouch® display, or occupants can simply touch, tap and swipe, like on a tablet. For the first time, QX80 also offers an available color head-up display7 to help keep key information in the driver’s eyeline.

Delivering on the INFINITI promise to incorporate powerful technology that enables a more connected and convenient drive, the center display comes with Google built-in5. Always-updated Google Maps allow for simple and efficient navigation, while users can download many of their other favorite apps on Google Play8. Google Assistant further makes everyday interactions easier and safer, allowing for natural-language requests like, “Hey Google, navigate to my nearest INFINITI retailer.”

A separate, 9-inch touchscreen mounted below the infotainment display provides convenient control of all climate functions, as well as front seat heating or cooling operations and selection of QX80’s drive modes. The screen uses haptic feedback to help users “feel” when they have selected the appropriate on-screen element. Because these functions are housed on their own touchscreen, they never intrude into infotainment operations like navigation or music displays, nor are the controls ever hidden under other menus. Helping free up valuable space for cupholders and storage, QX80 uses sleek push buttons to shift its transmission.

An inviting space is created with striking lines that run across the passenger side of the dashboard and an illuminated INFINITI emblem. Lighting can also help set the mood with 64-color Personalized Ambient Lighting, incorporated within the dashboard and doors. USB Type-C ports are available in every row with a total of eight throughout the cabin, featuring up to 15-watt/3.0-amp power ratings for rapidly charging devices.An available cool box in the center console, when activated, directs air-conditioned air into the compartment to help chill the contents.,

QX80 AUTOGRAPH further upends luxury SUV paradigms with its impeccable attention to even the smallest details. Outside, AUTOGRAPH grades are visually distinguished by a two-tone roof treatment and dark chrome trim, as well as unique, Layered Turbine 22-inch wheels.

Within the cabin, AUTOGRAPH features seating surfaces carefully finished in semi-aniline leather appointments, with a unique stitched finish effect that is partially completed by hand. Inspired by similar designs explored in prior INFINITI concept vehicles, the dot-quilting adds texture and depth to the seats, plus an extra level of craftsmanship with quality beyond reproach. Also notable are open pore ash wood trim pieces around the cabin, with laser-cut inlays into which ultra-thin aluminum accents are delicately and precisely positioned. The relative spacing of the aluminum trim becomes wider toward the front of the cabin, helping create a sense of space and width.

Unlike some competitors, the all-new QX80 treats every row with first-class comfort. For the first time in QX80, heated seats are available for the third row. The first two rows are available with heated and cooled seats. All-new QX80 extends available massaging seats to the second row for the first time in addition to the front seats, helping drivers and their loved ones feel refreshed on long journeys. In AUTOGRAPH grades, the rear seats and rear climate options are controlled by an intuitive touchscreen integrated into the rear of QX80’s center console.

An additional segment-first technology, available Biometric Cooling2, helps keep those in the second row at a comfortable temperature. An infrared sensor integrated into the vehicle’s headliner detects when a passenger is hot and near-instantly adjusts the temperature and air flow to send cool air to the second row – without any interaction required from the driver or front-seat passenger. The effortless technology can rapidly cool off a passenger who is, for example, feeling warm after a vigorous soccer match with friends. Testing shows Biometric Cooling can get passengers to a comfortable temperature in 50% less time.

All New 2025 Infiniti QX80 Reimagined With New Design Inside Out!

The all-new 2025 INFINITI QX80 uses the latest in camera and image processing technology to take the friction out of some of the trickiest situations in everyday driving.

One of the most striking is Front Wide View9, which uses camera information to provide a wide view to the sides of the vehicle across both 14.3-inch displays. That ultra-wide viewing angle allows for “seeing” past parked cars or around corners in tight garages.

Similarly invaluable is Invisible Hood View4, which uses advanced image processing to take footage from the vehicle’s exterior cameras to project an image of what’s directly in front of the vehicle onto the in-car displays. The result is as if one could see right through the engine bay, helping spot curbs in narrow drive-through lanes, car wash tracks and myriad other hard-to-spot obstacles on the ground.

Another enhancement is new-to-QX80 3D Enhanced AroundView® Monitor with Moving Object Detection10, which now adds multiple pre-selected angles from which the driver can see the car, providing a more natural viewpoint to see the vehicle’s surroundings when parking or maneuvering.

Camera innovations are also used to help with seeing what’s behind QX80. The available Smart Rear View Mirror11 has been enhanced compared to that of outgoing QX80 with better low-light performance and crisper imagery. Plus, for clients who tow, the Rear View Monitor has a special zoom view for assistance in hitching up a trailer.

Another innovative use of camera technology is the Journey Diary functionality. It can capture photos or videos from the forward-facing and, optionally, In-Car Camera of the QX80 to share on social platforms to capture a memorable trip.

The available In-Car Camera3 offers two additional benefits. First, those in the front row can push a button to have its vantage of the second-row seats displayed on the infotainment display for a quick check on passengers. Additionally, when the vehicle is parked, clients can use their INFINITI smartphone app to check the camera to see whether any items were left behind in the cabin – without having to go back out to the vehicle.

The 2025 INFINITI QX80 is the first vehicle in the full-size luxury SUV segment with Klipsch® premium audio systems, reflecting the priority luxury clients place on highly accurate, lifelike sound for entertainment. The two systems were tailored by INFINITI and Klipsch engineers to seamlessly integrate with QX80’s interior and its in-vehicle technologies.

QX80 PURE and LUXE feature a 14-speaker Klipsch audio system with 600 watts of total power and a 12-channel amplifier. SENSORY and AUTOGRAPH take the audio experience to an even higher level with a Klipsch Reference Premiere Audio System with 24 speakers, 1,200 watts of power and Individual Audio functionality. Distinguishing features include titanium tweeters, four High Line roof-mounted speakers, an 8-inch TriPower subwoofer and a 24-channel amplifier. The system incorporates DynamicAudioReveal™ technology to actively adjust audio equalization to mask background noise, and DJX® 3D Surround algorithm to create an immersive sound experience throughout the cabin, placing the listeners in the center of the performance without compromising fidelity or accuracy.

Exemplifying the spirit of innovation that unites Klipsch and INFINITI, the 24-speaker Klipsch Reference Premiere system offers Individual Audio, leveraging stunning metal-trimmed speakers mounted to the front seat headrests. When enabled, Individual Audio allows for focusing only certain audio elements – such as navigation directions, music or phone calls – to one or both front seats. For example, the driver can make a phone call while passengers continue listening to music, or the driver could listen to a favorite playlist and hear map guidance without disturbing those sleeping in the rear seats.

Luggage space has increased in the all-new 2025 INFINITI QX80, making it even simpler to bring along all of life’s needs. Cargo room12 behind the second-row seats is up 18% compared to the outgoing model; behind the third row, it has increased by 30%. A flatter floor when the seats are lowered, plus the lowest liftover height in the segment when the available air suspension is in its access position, further ease loading and unloading cargo.

A motion-activated, hands-free power liftgate is standard, with an opening angle memory function to avoid striking lower garage doors or other obstacles.

Roominess for passengers was similarly enhanced, with increased knee and foot space in the first two rows, and significantly enhanced width, knee and legroom for the third row.

Because a full-size SUV like QX80 will so often accommodate multiple passengers (with seating for seven or eight), particular attention was paid to enabling swift and intuitive access to the rear rows. The second and third rows feature standard power fold and raise functions, which can be accessed from buttons in the cargo area or convenient buttons on the front control touchscreen. The second row features a “walk-in” mode that makes access to the third row simpler, providing class-leading access space to the third row. Additionally, owing to precise engineering of the folding mechanism, child safety seats can remain safely buckled in place even when the second row tips forward13.

All New 2025 Infiniti QX80 Reimagined With New Design Inside Out!

As the flagship SUV in the INFINITI range, the all-new 2025 QX80 delivers confident, capable performance balanced with refinement. All models feature a standard VR35DDTT 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged engine, rated for 450 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque – increases of 50 horsepower and 103 lb-ft versus the outgoing QX80. Electronically controlled variable valve timing on the intake contributes to crisp throttle response. Complementing the new engine is a 9-speed automatic transmission with a 40% wider gear ratio range, allowing for both responsive acceleration and efficient highway cruising. QX80 PURE and LUXE are equipped either with rear-wheel drive or INFINITI All-mode 4WD, while SENSORY and AUTOGRAPH feature standard 4WD. A convenient “Auto” mode for the All-mode 4WD systems is ideal for drivers encountering varying road surfaces.

All models feature a drive mode selector with Standard, Eco, Sport, Snow, Tow and Personal settings. Each mode features unique tuning for the powertrain response, electric power steering, driver-assistance features and, if equipped, Dynamic Digital Suspension and 4WD.

Available Electronic Air Suspension and Dynamic Digital Suspension further refine the ride and handling of QX80, while offering additional benefits in terms of vehicle usability. The air suspension lowers by 1.2 inches at speed for aerodynamic improvements. When parked, it can lower by 2.8 inches from normal to an Easy Access level – dramatically easing ingress and egress of passengers or loading of cargo. Finally, for use in more rugged terrain, an Off-road setting raises the air suspension 2.4 inches above QX80’s normal ride height.

The Dynamic Digital Suspension constantly measures the vehicle’s motion and calculates the required damping force for electronically controlled dampers. By regulating vehicle motions, reducing body roll around curves and minimizing up-and-down motions over bouncy roads, the system delivers smoother and more in-control lane changes, and enhanced ride quality.

Additional enhancements that benefit ride and handling include a frame with 57% greater lateral stiffness versus the preceding QX80 and the adoption of an electric power steering rack, which has 300% increased torsional stiffness and facilitates advanced driver assistance features.

Numerous enhancements to sound deadening render the cabin more tranquil for all onboard. On the highway, the all-new 2025 QX80 is as much as 3 decibels quieter than its predecessor; in urban and suburban driving, it’s as much as 4 decibels quieter.

The All-new 2025 INFINITI QX80

As standard, QX80 includes an extensive list of technologies intended to help the driver avoid collisions, including Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian detection, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Intervention® and Lane Departure Prevention. Trailer Blind Spot Warning14 additionally works when towing trailers up to 33 feet in length.

At the end of a journey, the available My Parking Locations feature provides guidance to make parking even more effortless. This technology makes it simpler to park in the same position, every single time, which is ideal for those parking in tight parking spots. Owners simply store their preferred parking location, and then parking guides – parking lines on the camera views – appear automatically when near the parking location. This helps guide the driver into their pre-programmed parking location, taking the stress out of parking “just right” every time.

The ultimate luxury is a more comfortable journey, and to that end, QX80 features two levels of advanced driver assistance. ProPILOT Assist 1.115 is standard and combines Intelligent Cruise Control with steering assistance to aid the driver in staying centered in their lane. The system also uses data from the navigation system to proactively adjust vehicle speed for curves, interchanges and other driving situations. Optional on LUXE and SENSORY and standard on AUTOGRAPH, ProPILOT Assist 2.16 elevates the experience by allowing attentive drivers to take their hands off the wheel in certain freeway driving scenarios.

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