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All New BEV Jeep Avenger Completely Revealed

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The introduction of the Jeep Avenger in Europe marks the beginning of the next phase of the electrification of the Jeep brand – the BEV wave – that will see four fully-electric vehicles hit the market by 2025. By the end of 2030, the Jeep brand’s European sales will be 100% pure electric. This is how Jeep will support Stellantis net-zero carbon goals.

Revealed at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, the Jeep Avenger has already been acclaimed by both customers and industry experts. Even before the first vehicles have been delivered to customers in Europe, the all-new fully electric Jeep Avenger has attracted media recognition by being named Car of the Year 2023 and Best Family SUV in the 2023 Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) awards among others.
Aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint are considered by jurors when casting their votes. The Avenger stands out with its bold design, excellent off-road capability, and for being “a commitment to the future that customers will appreciate”.

A successful journey also highlighted by customers’ interest: 20.000 units have been sold since the opening of orders for the 1st Edition on Dec 1, 2022 and then the full lineup on Jan 11th, 2023.

Developed with the specific needs of European customers in mind
Designed and produced as a Jeep vehicle from day one, the Avenger packs the Jeep DNA into a compact SUV with a unique combination of capability, style, functionality, and technology. Avenger is completely manufactured in Europe and has been designed to perfectly fit the needs of European customers with features including:

Functional design: Avenger has been designed to offer 360° protection and full freedom of movement. Its 360-degree shock protection encased protected lights and colour-moulded skid plates make it the ideal travel companion in urban and off-road driving.

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Compact dimensions: at 4.08 meters it is the most compact Jeep and can comfortably fit five people with their stuff.
Roomy & versatile interior: the interior of the Jeep Avenger continues the “design to function” premise and has lots of space for everyday objects. It offers 34 liters of interior storage, the equivalent of a carry-on bag. The 1-meter-wide, square-shaped trunk is also spacious and extremely versatile. Each compartment has been designed with flexibility and modularity in mind: the central tunnel can be organized in multiple modular storage pockets by means of a divider that can be moved – or even removed. Thanks to original solutions like the flexible cupholder divider and the foldable magnetic cover, the entire content of cabin baggage can be stored in these boxes.

Sustainable powertrain: Avenger offers zero emissions and 100% adventure and passion with an electric range of up to 400km WLTP and up to 550km in town* to really go anywhere. Standard fast charging mode allows to recharge 30 km (average daily need) in 3 minutes and to go from 20 to 80% in 24 minutes.
Cutting-edge technology: All-terrain and all-weather capability translate into fun and safety and Avenger leads in the B-UV segment in both respects. A complete series of safety and ADAS features which in the electric version provide level-2 driving autonomy including Blind Spot Monitoring, Autonomous Emergency Braking with Vulnerable Road Users (pedestrian and cyclist) protection, automatic parking and 180-degree rear camera with drone view.

Fully Connected: made for “always connected” customers, the new Jeep Avenger ensures a great digital onboard experience. A 10.25-inch radio screen Uconnect Infotainment combined with full digital cluster available in two variants (7 and 10.25 inches) comes as standard.

The infotainment system has been designed to deliver a smartphone-like user experience, with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone projection, a “mix&match” function to build your own interface (up to 5 pages, up to 12 widgets per page), embedded navigation powered by TomTom with enhanced natural voice recognition and over-the-air update.

Thanks to the Uconnect™ Services and the Jeep® mobile app, customers can keep in touch with Avenger everywhere and every time. With the JEEP Mobile App, users can locate their car, lock and unlock the doors, check the battery level, program the battery charge and activate climate control2. All this directly from their smartphone, tapping the screen or even asking their voice assistant.

The novelties in terms of navigation concern On-street Parking and Natural Recognition. The first makes life easier when you are in town to find parking spaces on the public road without wasting time. The system thus has data enabling it to statistically identify the most available streets in terms of free spaces. It works a bit like word of mouth when you are given street names where there is a greater chance of finding places to park your car.

The second makes it possible to accentuate the feeling of safety when driving. Indeed, having a conversation when you are driving your car with your smartphone in your hand is to multiply by 3 the risk of an accident, and it is to multiply it by 23 when you read an SMS. Also being able to speak and be understood by your navigation system without having to repeat or exchange is completely safe. In the new navigation system, human voice recognition has improved efficiency and understanding of the requested actions. And of course, having a connected navigation also means having the certainty of always knowing where to go because it is not necessary to always be connected to the internet to follow your path. No disconnection of navigation when passing through tunnels or in car parks. The advantage now of navigation is also that the map is updated every week without any action on the part of the customer. He is only informed of the update which was made for him made aware of it.

To further increase usability, some Premium features have been added such as the hands-free power liftgate, a rare and distinctive content in this car category, that on Avenger comes standard on the best-selling trims Altitude and Summit, the leather-covered, power-adjustable seats with massage function, multi-colored ambient lighting and panoramic sunroof. They all combine practicality and functional benefits with a touch of coolness.

A pure expression of “concentrated Freedom”, the Avenger offers Jeep’s trademark performance in a compact form to guarantee peace of mind in all atmospheric conditions. Agile, reactive, and enjoyable to drive, it offers dynamic performance levels thanks to its instant torque and stands out for its silence. The new Avenger is the first front-wheel drive Jeep vehicle equipped standard with Selec-Terrain® and Hill Descent Control, which, together with the 200mm ground clearance, the 20 degrees of approach angle, and 32 degrees of departure angle, make it a vehicle with unexpected off-road capability to the segment and ensure maximum protection also in city life, for example when driving up a steep parking ramp. In order to improve its angles, Avenger adopts the new e-CMP2 modular electric platform, which has been significantly customized with specific tunings to deliver best-in-class JEEP capability with no less than 60% of its components are fully JEEP-dedicated.

Starting from this platform, the front and rear overhangs have been minimized designing totally new crash boxes, which are 30 mm shorter and offer the same energy-absorbing performance.
The vehicle has been raised from ground to maximize clearance with the lowest point as the engine shield, where there are 209 mm at the suspension level and up to 223 mm at the battery plate level.
To note Avenger’s full and flat underbody, which is designed to protect battery and engine from damage while also improving aerodynamic efficiency. But Avenger perfectly embodies Jeep “dual soul”, and it is as capable on road as it is offroad. In fact, for the best “on road capability”, thanks to its compact size and agility, it delivers a turning circle of just 10.5 meters, which is ideal in the alleys of a historic city center as well as on winding offroad paths.

All New BEV Jeep Avenger Completely Revealed (2)

In addition to all this, Avenger offers top ride comfort combined with the extraordinary handling. As an example, when tuning the suspension system, the damping force is increased by 20%. By doing so, we have reduced vertical body acceleration by 20%, body roll by 12% and pitch acceleration by 18% to make Avenger always very comfortable – in offroad usage, and also in filtering the bumps on ordinary roads.

Avenger offers class-leading energy consumption at 15.4 kWh per 100 km in the WLTP cycle. This result is made possible by the extreme efficiency of the new propulsion system, but also by the extreme lightness of the vehicle – only 1,500 kilograms. This is due to the compactness of the vehicle, but also to its extreme weight efficiency. To extend the autonomy range, each specific Avenger element has been developed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. The starting point was the light and efficient eCMP2 electric platform to which 600 components have been modified.

The all-new electric motor improved range by 5%, the all-new battery gave another 12% benefit, and 5% more was obtained by working on aerodynamics, gear ratio and tires.
Also, the heat pump contributes – as it increases the range by up to 10% in extreme hot and cold conditions. The M3 power unit adopted on Avenger is a second-generation, highly efficient 400-Volt e-motor. It is the first power unit launched by eMotors – the STELLANTIS 50/50 joint venture with NIDEC, and it delivers 115 kiloWatt (corresponding to 156 horsepower) and 260 Nm of maximum torque.

Another key element that allows high autonomy range is the battery. Avenger’s new 54 kWh battery is also produced by STELLANTIS in the Tychy plant, and it offers top energy density together with an excellent ratio between nominal and usable energy – which is 51 kWh. The battery pack consists of 17 modules and 102 cells with NMC 811 Lithium-Ion chemistry.

The battery system is very compact and is located under the front and rear seats and the central tunnel, with virtually zero impact on the vehicle. To consider that the battery is twice protected: by high ground clearance and by specific under-body skid plates, whose resistance in case of crash exceeds the requirements of the most stringent regulations.

Another key element of Avenger’s electric propulsion is the charging system. The standard on-board charger delivers 100 kW in direct current (corresponding to 20 to 80% charge in 24 minutes in fast-charging mode), and 11 kW in alternating current (corresponding to 0 to 100% charge in 5 hours and a half when connected to a public station). High power and torque and a specific e-powertrain calibration allow Avenger to offer uncompromised fun to drive on road and offroad on a compact platform. The system has been developed and tested to stand extreme weather: down to minus 30 degrees centigrade on winter roads, and up to plus 40 degrees in the height of summer.
Finally, aerodynamics importantly contributes to efficiency and long range. Thanks to a frontal area of 2.25 square meters only, and a drag coefficient as low as 0.33, Avenger is one of the best cars in its category, in terms of aerodynamic response.

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With Avenger, distinctive features come standard from the entry-level with a four-trim range to make capability, safety, and connectivity standard, and differentiate the trims according to their specific mission. Avenger, the new adventurer, features a 10.25-inch infotainment display offering an “I-phone-like” experience. It comes with Selec Terrain and Hill Descent Control for all-road, all-weather driving – …as this is a “given” on a JEEP. In addition, it also integrates new-generation safety systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Keep Assist.
Longitude embodies the cool side of capability, offering more style and more convenience with 16-inch alloy wheels, and a rear parking sensor.

Altitude is delivering more technology and exclusiveness, with Premium seats matching the dedicated silver dashboard and interior accents, a 10.25-inch digital cluster and a hands-free power liftgate.
Summit, the freedom manifesto, represents the top of the range and includes full LED headlights and taillights, multi-coloured ambient light, level 2 autonomous driving, 360-degree parking sensors and a rear camera with a top drone-like view.

The colour palette – where colours are corresponding to nature elements – is composed of Ruby (red), Volcano (black), Stone (sand grey), Lake (light blue) Sun, Granite, and Snow. All colours – except for the Volcano – can be combined with a black roof.

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