All New Citroen C5 X Revealed – Stunning Inside Out!


Citroën has unveiled its new flagship, C5 X, which breathes new life into the large car segment with an original design that combines a saloon and an station wagon, an innovative proposition in the purest tradition of great Citroën cars. This new model, available in both petrol and plug-in hybrid versions, expresses modernity, status and innovation, all of which are high expectations for customers in the large car as well as SUV segments.

C5 X breaks new ground with the World Première introduction of Citroën Advanced Comfort® active suspension, which further enhances the impression of travelling on a magic carpet, a sensation closely linked to the history of Citroën. It is a real invitation to travel, with its lounge-like interior space offering the recognised comfort of Advanced Comfort seats and unparalleled roominess, particularly in row 2. The boot, with a 545-litre capacity and meticulous workmanship, is ideally suited to the needs of station wagon customers. The plug-in hybrid version, with ë-Comfort combined with driving in electric mode on a daily basis, enhances the feeling of serenity onboard.

There is an Extended Head-Up Display, as well as a range of driving assistance features that reduce the driver’s mental load, such as Highway Driver Assist, or the new infotainment interface with a central 12″ HD touch screen, natural voice recognition and a customisable display with widgets, just like on a tablet. C5 X arouses surprise and excitement at first sight in a rather traditional D-segment. With its strong concept, unique on the market, C5 X is naturally positioned as Citroën’s new top-of-the-range car and is inspired, right down to its name, by the CXperience Concept, unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.


C5 X’s body style is immediately striking: assertive, robust and distinctive. Renewing the codes of the D-segment, it features a fastback body style that blends saloon and station wagon by adding some elements that make SUVs so appealing. It is an all-new shape with particular attention paid to aerodynamics. Its long bonnet, fluid and aerodynamic lines, high waistline and kick above the rear wheels bring distinction and dynamism; they are also reminders of various cars that have marked the history of Citroën’s top range. Its tailgate, another distinctive feature of Citroën’s large cars, offers all the practicality of a station wagon: it has a wide, functional opening and a low loading sill for easy, practical everyday use.

Its elevated stance, thanks to increased ground clearance compared to a traditional saloon and large-diameter 720 mm wheels fitted with 19″ Tall & Narrow tyres on most versions, allows a higher driving position for greater safety and visibility, a feature much appreciated by SUV customers. With a wheelbase of 2,785 mm for outstanding rear-seat space, C5 X offers generous exterior dimensions, with a length of 4,805 mm, a width of 1,865 mm and a height of 1,485 mm, placing it at the heart of the D-segment.

C5 X features Citroën’s new V-shaped light signature at the front and rear, introduced on New C4. Recognisable from all the rest and immediately identifiable as a Citroën, this technological light signature comprises LED headlights on the whole range. It is visible both day and night and underlines C5 X’s unique body style. C5 X’s passenger compartment gives a real impression of warmth, tranquillity and space, an invitation to travel through generous proportions, a sense of welcome, unique attention to detail and unprecedented practicality. Elegance and comfort, combined with innovative but discreet technology, are the watchwords of this welcoming passenger compartment, in the purest Citroën tradition.


In keeping with Citroën’s customisation philosophy, C5 X offers original interior environments that allow the passenger compartment to be shaped in the driver’s own image. They give pride of place to warm materials, in refined combinations, with a real sense of detail. The Advanced Comfort seats in C5 X are the benchmark for seating comfort, making you feel like you’re at home in your living room. They offer a unique welcome and visual comfort thanks to special paddings, like a mattress topper. The dynamic and postural comfort is produced by a high-density layer and thickened structured foam, allowing you to feel relaxed even after the longest journeys.

A genuine Citroën exclusive designed to recreate the magic carpet effect of iconic Citroën cars and to overcome all obstacles, potholes, kerbs, speed bumps and other road connections, the Citroën Advanced Comfort® suspension is naturally fitted to C5 X. On the plug-in hybrid version, C5 X takes to control a step further with Citroën Advanced Comfort® active suspension. With a choice of three modes, the suspension control system enhances the effectiveness of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® by relaxing the suspension even more during driving phases to fly over the road and offer greater efficiency, particularly in corners. Roominess was one of Citroën’s main concerns when designing C5 X. At the front, the comfortable seats and the uncluttered dashboard provide a vast and clear living space. The spacious rear area invites to rest and relaxation, with exceptional legroom, comfortable width and generous headroom.

Roominess is further enhanced by the brightness of the 360-degree glass areas around the car, including quarter windows, and a large opening glass sunroof that allows light to flood in whenever required. To make journeys as relaxing as possible, particular attention has been paid to acoustics, with acoustic laminated front and rear windows providing exceptional insulation from outside noise. All the advantages of a station wagon: versatile and practical on a daily basis

Practicality has been considered down to the last detail in the design of C5 X. Therefore, in order to appeal to European customers who are keen on versatility, the boot of C5 X has been designed in the spirit of a station wagon, both in terms of its dimensions and its exclusive features: a generous load volume of 545 litres and up to 1,640 litres when the rear seat is folded down, offering a flat floor, a wide and functional opening, a low sill and straight walls. A luggage roll up, linked with the tailgate, makes loading easier, while the motorised tailgate has a hands-free function so that you are not caught unawares when opening or closing it with your arms full. The whole passenger compartment contains cleverly designed storage spaces, which have been carefully designed to hold, store or conceal all your everyday items.

Delivering 225 hp, this hybrid offers the pleasure of silent start-up and operation with zero CO2 emissions, with the possibility of driving more than 50 km in ZEV mode, a range in an electric mode suitable for the majority of users’ daily journeys, up to 135 km/h. It is therefore possible to spend a week without using the internal combustion engine while making your usual journeys, recharging the vehicle as required, at home, at work or at a public charging point. At the same time it is possible to travel far away, to go on weekends or holidays without worrying about recharging, as the internal combustion engine, which is economical and efficient, takes over.


C5 X Plug-in Hybrid is a modern, high-tech electric mobility vehicle that offers comfort and versatility of use: ë-Comfort class mobility, perfectly insulated from the road and the outside world, in complete peace and quiet, as if in a cocoon, with all external influences filtered out. The silent operation, smoothness and movement of the vehicle, the pleasure of driving, the gentle suspension, the soft Advanced Comfort seats, the absence of vibrations onboard, the ergonomics and ease of use of the interfaces and dedicated services, everything contributes to enhancing comfort on board, for all occupants. C5 X is a new invitation to travel, stress-free, calm and relaxed, with a great sense of care

C5 X offers an innovation that is as spectacular as it is useful: the Extended Head Up Display, a large-scale, full-colour, head-up display projected through the windscreen, the first step towards augmented reality. This is an immersive technology, foreshadowed in 19_19 Concept, which provides a more serene and relaxed driving experience: drivers no longer need to take their eyes off the road to get the information they want from speed to phone calls and navigation.

C5 X introduces an all-new infotainment interface for Citroën, with a focus on connectivity. Combined with a 12″ HD touch screen, 4 USB Type C sockets and wireless smartphone charging, it updates in real-time via the Cloud and features Mirror Screen without the need to plug in your smartphone. Its interface has been designed as if it were a touchscreen tablet: customisation, settings and display preferences, widgets on the home screen. This system has natural, efficient and easy-to-use voice recognition, a personal assistant that understands what is said to it, answers questions and carries out commands, similar to the personal assistant offered on 19_19 Concept.


C5 X offers the best in semi-autonomous level 2 driving in compliance with current legislation: Highway Driver Assist, which combines Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Lane Keeping Assist: the driver no longer needs to manage speed or trajectory, as the vehicle takes care of all these functions. Many other features make daily life easier, such as long-range blind spot detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which detects danger when reversing, Top 360 Vision, which makes manoeuvring easier by displaying the outside environment on the touchscreen tablet, or Proximity hands-free access and start, which automatically locks and unlocks the doors when the driver approaches or leaves the vehicle. C5 X, available in petrol and plug-in hybrid engines, will be on sale in the second half of 2021.

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