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Ather Energy Enters Maharashtra With New Plant

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Ather Energy announced plans today to set up its third manufacturing facility in Bidkin, AURIC, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra. This new facility will manufacture both electric two-wheelers and battery packs.

Ather currently has two manufacturing facilities in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, one dedicated to battery production and the other for vehicle assembly. The current facilities will continue to produce battery packs and vehicles. The new facility in Maharashtra allows Ather to get closer to more markets in the country by reducing its logistics cost and hastening the delivery of its finished products to its customers.

Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra, said, “Maharashtra offers a conducive business environment and continues to be a top destination for investments. This is in line with our honourable PM Shri. Narendra Modiji’s vision to strengthen India’s startup and manufacturing ecosystem, aiming to match or surpass global counterparts. We are happy to have Ather in Maharashtra, solidifying the state’s position as India’s leading automotive and manufacturing hub.”

Ather Rizta Launched (6)

Mr. Swapnil Jain, Co-founder & CTO at Ather Energy, said, “Since 2021, our facilities in Hosur have been serving as our national manufacturing hub, catering to the demand across the country. With the support of the Tamil Nadu government and a strong supplier base, the existing facilities remain crucial for Ather. With our expanding product portfolio and the increasing consumer demand for our scooters, we decided to strategically diversify our production capabilities to an additional location that will be closer to more markets in the country. The new manufacturing facility will not only rationalise our logistic cost but will also hasten the delivery of finished products to our customers. We are thankful to the Maharashtra government and its policies that foster EV manufacturing and growth.”

As the demand for electric two-wheelers is increasing, Ather Energy has been focusing on increasing its production capacity, expanding its product portfolio, retail outlets, and charging infrastructure across the country. Ather currently has over 200 Experience Centres and over 1900 fast chargers, Ather Grids across India.

Ather is known for its scooters in the 450 platform – 450X, 450S and 450 Apex. Ather Energy recently launched its first family scooter, Rizta. The Rizta, which has been designed keeping family use cases in mind, prioritizes comfort, convenience, and safety. The scooter boasts a spacious and comfortable seat, ample boot space, and a range of safety features, including SkidControlTM, Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Theft & Tow Detection, and Ping My Scooter. The Rizta S comes equipped with a 2.9 kWh battery and offers an Indian Driving Conditions range of 123 kms. The Rizta Z is offered in two variants with a 2.9 kWh battery offering an IDC range of 123 kms and another with a 3.7 kWh battery offering an IDC range of 159 kms.

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