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Avan Motors, one of India’s fastest-growing electric scooter manufacturer, is forging ahead on its mission towards becoming the country’s most preferred future mobility company. In line with this mission,the forward-looking company has rebranded itself as Nexzu Mobility from January 2020. With this development, the company will transform not just its brand name, but also its existing product portfolio, logo, and overall market proposition.

Established in 2015, Avan Motors has already made a significant mark on the country’s urban electric mobility space. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, the company’s manufacturing facility is spread over an area of 22,000 square feet and includes customer display and R&D centres.So far, the company is working with over 60 dealers. Nexzu

Mobility’s existing products have won several awards across numerous prestigious platforms such as the e-mobility awards and BV Tech Expo.
Nexzu Mobility’s brand name and identity have been crafted by Almond Branding, a leading strategic branding agency. The new brand name – Nexzu Mobility will be ‘Bringing the Next revolution for the Gen Z spirit in U’. In doing so, the brand is communicating its intention to take ‘You’ to your ‘Next’ destination – closer to your next goal in life.
In what is being deemed as the most critical part of the brand refresh, the company has changed its suffix from ‘Motors’ to ‘Mobility’. The underlying idea behind this particular transformation is the upcoming expansion of its ambit from an electric two-wheeler brand to a holistic solution-provider in the electric mobility segment.

Avan Motor Electric Scooter

The brand has also released a new logo to redefine its identity. The Nexzu logo combines two important brand elements – a circular Nexzu symbol and the stylish Nexzuwordmark. The circular symbol with pathway-inspired stripes forming an “N” is representative of its strong foundation in mobility and the spirit of continuous innovation, while the word mark typeface embodies its brand promise of smart mobility.

The razor edge-shaped elements also signify Nexzu’s futuristic approach while the negative spaces depicting pathways represent the true spirit of smart mobility.The new brand color–black – captures the brand’s bold, smart, and future-led approach while a touch of blue represents its technology and customer-focused angle.

Shashwat Das, Founder Director – Almond Branding, said, “The mobility space is going through a constant metamorphosis. We were creating a brand not for today, but for the future. Moving from being just a Motors company to enter the over-arching Mobility space was the goal. The team at Almond Branding did thorough research to understand the current mobility ecosystem and also to mine out relevant consumer insights. We also reviewed the values and ethos of the company to base the new brand on the ideals that the company has always stood for.”

Avan Motors Trend E Electric Scooter Launched (2)

As part of the brand revamp, the company is also strengthening its product portfolio. Nexzu Mobility will be launching 2 new e-scooters – Dextro and Dextro Plus – along with 3 e-cycles. Along with this, the company is also solidifying its commitment to holistic e-mobility with a dedicated B2B program. Under this program, Nexzu Mobility will offer customized electric mobility solutions for ride-sharing / rental companies, corporates, catering to corporate leasing, corporate purchase, employee preferential programs, and government/private tenders for EVs.

Commenting on the revamp,RohitGoidani,Brand Head – Nexzu Mobility, said, “It is a pleasure to share our new identity with the world. As Nexzu comes into force, we want to reiterate that customer-centricity will remain at the heart of all our endeavors. We will continue to create innovative new products that will delight our customers – in both B2B and B2Cspaces– and subsequently revolutionize the country’s electric mobility space.”

Pankaj Tiwari, Business Head – Nexzu Mobility, added, “The evolution of an award-winning brand such as Avan Motors is a significant event not just for us but for our existing customers who have also evolved during our journey. We are grateful for all our stakeholders who trusted us with their mobility needs and gave us the impetus to continue growing and innovating. It is only because of our prized partners and customers that we have been able to create a reputed, reliable, and revolutionary brand. Together with Nexzu Mobility, you are building a robust roadmap for the growth of electric mobility in India – and a sustainable future for all!”

Avan Motors Trend E Electric Scooter Launched (3)

About Nexzu Mobility

Formerly Avan Motors, India’s fastest-growing e-scooter manufacturer, Nexzu Mobility is a leading solutions provider in the electric mobility space. Founded in 2015 with the intention of bringing stylish and futuristic eco-friendly vehicles to consumers at an affordable price, Nexzu Mobility has evolved into a holistic electric mobility company that operates in both B2B and B2C segments. Laying special emphasis on after-sales service, Nexzu Mobility aims to provide its customers with the best facilities and professionals for their EV needs. Its range of products includes state-of-the-art, affordable and delightful e-scooters and e-cycles. With a manufacturing plant at Hinjewadi in Pune, spread over 22,000 sq ft., the company has over 60 touch points across India and aims to revolutionize electric mobility space in the country.

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