Bajaj Pulsar RS200, V15 and Avengers Offered With New Colors


Bajaj Pulsar RS200, V15 and Avengers Offered With New Colors at the dealership level in Mumbai, the RS 200 and V15 look stellar

More than manufacturer, the dealerships these days are making sure they customers come back to them. Manufacturer make sure by doing this on YoY basis by launching new models. Dealerships continue to do these things every know and then. If the product isn’t flying of the shelves as fast as expected or to remove the stock, there has to be a way to come out with different solutions. One such solutions, with the permission of manufacturer, dealerships are now offering paint schemes for motorcycles and scooters that they sell.

We last reported this aspect as well with the RS 200 as well. RS 200 was being offered in extremely tacky orange and green colors. Today, a Mumbai based dealership is offering new colors to choose from. The vehicles include the RS 200, The V15 and the new Avenger series. The RS 200 can be seen in Gloss white and Matte black which does look quite appealing. The V15 seen in Matte black and green looks very ‘purposeful’. The Avenger white scheme will do just fine for police officers and golden scheme should attract people who love metal.

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The vehicles could be sold around the same price tag or with some discounts thrown in the form of accessories. However, we expect dealerships to charge a small amount instead for these unique offerings that they presenting to customers. A proven fact that customers love exclusivity. RS 200 continues to be offered in multiple colors from the manufacturers itself such as Demon Black, Yellow and Red. V15 too, was recently upgraded with a new Red color. Avenger Cruise 220 was also blessed with a Golden color seen here too. What do you think? Like it or loath it? Or are you running to the dealership? Let us know.

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