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BGauss Launches New D15 Electric Scooter

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BGAUSS, from the promoters of RR Global, unveiled their third EV scooter, BG D15 today. The D15 follows the success of the B8 and A2, range of dynamic, stylish, premium-yet affordable electric scooters, which have been well-received by satisfied consumers across India. A 100% ‘Made in India’ electric scooter, D15 comes with smart features, stylish design, strong and sturdy body and is comfortable to ride. Launched in 2020, BGAUSS, continues to focus on products that offer best in class lifestyle enhancing mobility solutions.

Hemant Kabra, Director, RR Global & Founder and Managing Director, BGAUSS Auto Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are excited to launch a 100% Made in India electric scooter, BG D15 which is designed and developed by our in-house research and development team in Pune. The product quality and its functionality are a testament to BGAUSS Electric’s goal of offering best-in-class mobility solutions. The D15 aims to cater to the growing demands of the EV enthusiasts in the country by offering a stylish, smart and reliable product which blends technology with a superior riding experience. The response to our first products was impressive and we are thankful to our customers who have shown trust in our green and sustainable mobility solutions. We are committed to our mission of providing high-performance, safe and intelligent electric scooters to be at the forefront of the EV revolution in India.”

With safety as they key priority, the BG D15 is a premium electric scooter, has been developed ground up in India and comes with 20 safety features. BGAUSS have invested in building a scooter which appeals to the consumer not just for its modern design but a plethora of useful features like smart battery and motor controller all developed and designed in-house at the Chakan plant. BG D15 is equipped with a completely waterproof, IP 67 rated, electric motor and battery with protection against extreme heat and dust.

BGauss Launches New D15 Electric Scooter

Powering the BG D15 is a 3.2 kWh Li-ion battery, and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph in just 7 seconds, in Sports mode. BG D15 also comes with two ride modes, Eco and Sport, and 16-inch alloy wheels that help in maneuverability and ride comfort, even on uneven roads making it the ideal family scooter. The lithium Ion Battery can charge to 100 % in 5 hours 30 mins. The D15 has an ARAI Certified range of 115 kms. The BG D15 is a blend of innovative technology, power, efficiency and comfort, catering to the needs and requirements of the evolving Indian consumer.

In terms of features, BG D15 is first-of-its-kind in the current electric scooter segment. The rider will be connected to the electric scooter, through their smartphone, with the latest intelligent connectivity features. BG D15 also gets a removable battery, in-built navigation, digital speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity, keyless start, USB port for mobile charging, call and notification alerts. The scooter will be completely compatible with a mobile app. With this new product, BGAUSS will amplify its base to an even wider market with higher range, design, safety, security and power being at the forefront of the company’s vision.

For the last two years, BGAUSS has focused on developing best-in-class products and a wide network to support its growing customer base. The brand is also focusing on expanding their existing footprint in the country via a robust dealer network in all the Tier I and Tier II markets. BGAUSS currently has 100 showrooms all over India, and is gearing to gain a stronger foothold across India by the end of 2022.

BGAUSS will also support its customers during the period of ownership and is offering tailor-made Annual Maintenance support, Mobile App support, Roadside Assistance and Pick & Drop facilities to their customers.

Customers can book the latest BG D15 BGAUSS electric scooter from the company website by clicking on or at the nearest BGAUSS dealership.

Price for D15i is Rs 99,999/- (ex-showroom)

Price for D15 Pro is Rs 1,14,999/-(ex-showroom)

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  1. D15 pro is a Weak scooter! Less safe Overpriced scooter with Low range, low pickup and lacks even navigation display!! :

    1)D15 pro lags more than double time (i.e 7 seconds) to just reach 40km speed (from 0), While many scooters priced over 1Lakh+ cost take around 3 seconds, so D15 is 200% slower to pickup even 40kmph speed compared to mainstream electric scotters priced over a Lakh!
    How can such slow D15Pro scooter be priced 1.15 lakh is beyond us.

    2) Disc brakes reduce braking-distance and gives us safety to prevent collision, even some old 100cc scooters have Disc brakes, but this D15 Pro comes with Drum brakes!! making it lack driving safety

    3) For 1.1 lakhs ‘Simple energy One’ scooter has Navigation display in scooter, 1.22 lakhs price for Okhi90 scooter, but this D15pro priced at 1.15 lakshs does not even have a color display/ navigation display when compared

    4) For 1.1 lakhs simple energy range is about 220+kms, Okhi90 scooter range is about 160kms for 1.22 lakhs, But this D15 pro even at 1.15 lakhs claims just 115Kms range!
    5) Mainstream EV scooters priced over 1Lakh price have Navigations Lcd color display, but this scooter does not

    Thus this is a weak, very slow, unsafe(drum brakes), Less range, less feature (Lacks even Navigation/color display) scooter priced disproportionally high.
    6) A 100cc petrol scooter is not called a high-speed scooter, this D15pro which is weaker than a 100cc claims high-performance high-speed scooter! That is misleading in all accounts!
    its range is weaker than mainstream scooters price over 1.1lakhs, its pickup is weak, its top speed is less at 60Kmph as well.

    It is beyond us how Bgauss even claims this weak (than even some old 100cc scooters) laggy scooter as big upgrade in ads taking buyers for a ride!
    This D15pro appears like downgrade amongst mainstream electric scooters priced over a lakh.

    All information/comparison is referred from publicly available sources so that information helps buyers in selection with clarity

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