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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Ties With Another EV Company

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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a Maharatna and India’s second-largest government-owned downstream oil producer, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Bounce Infinity, India’s pioneering made-in-India electric scooter manufacturer. This collaboration aims to strengthen electric vehicle (EV) adoption across the country through the launch of innovative “eDrive stores” at select BPCL retail outlets.

The new BPCL “eDrive stores” will be multi-brand hubs for the retail sale of electric two-wheelers, strategically located at BPCL retail outlets. These stores are designed to make EVs more accessible and to raise awareness among aspiring EV customers. For the first time, consumers will be able to purchase electric two-wheelers directly at BPCL fuel stations, facilitating a smooth transition from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles.

Pardeep Goyal, Business Head, Retail at BPCL, said, “At BPCL, we are continually advancing our services to support the nation’s sustainability goals. Partnering with Bounce Infinity is an integral part of our strategy to transform our fuel stations into versatile energy hubs that cater to the evolving needs of our customers and contribute to environmental sustainability.”

This collaboration leverages BPCL’s extensive network to transform select fuel stations into EV hubs where consumers can purchase, experience, and test ride Bounce Infinity’s electric scooters. The eDrive stores will be operated by Bounce Infinity or through BPCL’s dealer network, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Each outlet will be equipped with charging points, making it convenient for customers to charge their vehicles on-site.

Vivekananda Hallekare, CEO and Co-founder of Bounce Infinity, commented, “This partnership strengthens our goal of sustainable mobility solutions. Bounce Infinity will now leverage BPCL’s extensive retail network to offer consumers convenient access to our innovative range of electric two-wheelers. The flexible operation model of eDrive stores ensures consistent adherence to the highest quality standards and operational efficiency across all locations.”

Bounce Infinity Scooter Launched With Battery As Service Option (2)
Vivekananda Hallekere, Co-Founder and CEO, during the launch of Bounce Infinity E1, electric scooters in India, at the launch event in Bengaluru on Wednesday, December 02, 2021.

This initiative opens up exciting opportunities for BPCL dealers to become integral parts of the EV revolution, staying relevant in the evolving ecosystem. Bounce Infinity will provide marketing support, inventory management, and training to BPCL’s dealers operating eDrive stores, ensuring consistent product availability and enhancing customer satisfaction.

By targeting the large base of petrol two-wheeler owners who come to refuel at BPCL stations, this partnership aims to encourage a seamless transition to EVs. It marks a pivotal step in expanding BPCL’s market presence in India’s burgeoning EV sector. Strategic placement of eDrive stores at BPCL’s extensive network of retail outlets will increase visibility and customer engagement, solidifying BPCL’s role in promoting sustainable mobility solutions.

This collaboration not only strengthens BPCL’s position in the competitive EV market but also highlights its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. It aims to provide seamless customer experiences, educate the public about EV technology, and drive forward-thinking innovations for a cleaner, greener future.

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