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BMW 360 Finance Plan From BMW Financial Services Or Loan?

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If what you see here, an iconic BMW luxury car, is your dream, it’s now time to make it happen with BMW 360°! Optimised to meet your requirements, BMW 360° from BMW Financial Services curates tailor-made finance plans that work for the best for you. So, it’s time to stop playing it safe with your next car, and instead, acquaint yourself with the world of luxury and performance. And no one does it better than BMW. The German automaker’s portfolio has some of the most well-designed and capable offerings right from the exotic 2 Series Gran Coupe, the formidable X1 SAV, and the driver’s delight 3 Series sedan to the elegant 3 Series Gran Limousine. Bringing one home is now easier than ever with BMW Financial Services. The brand’s in-house financial services team has tailor-made plans for customers to suit their requirements and privileges to make the ownership experience even more exciting.

Own Easy With The BMW 360-Degree Finance Plan
Pay only half the monthly EMI that you would pay for your new BMW
Get an EMI inclusive of your registration, service, and insurance charges
Get an assured resale value at the end of 4 years for your BMW
Easy to Upgrade/Return your BMW at the end of your loan

The BMW 360-degree Finance Plan is designed to protect you from market fluctuations in the long run. The flexible EMI options ensure the car fits into your budget throughout the term of ownership. You can upgrade to a newer BMW vehicle at the end of the term or simply retain this one at an assured value, making. Be it your first BMW or simply upgrading from an existing one, the 360-degree Finance Plan has options for all. A win-win, both ways.


The BMW 360-degree Financial Plan has made your new Beemer more accessible than ever. For instance, the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe starts from Rs. 41.50 lakhs but the EMI is as low as Rs. 40,388 for a period of four years. That’s a good 40 per cent less than a standard car loan EMI. The down payment value is equally low at Rs. 10.37 lakh.

Want the EMI to be even lower? BMW’s EMI calculator gives you more options to choose from. To increase the down payment value or extend the tenure of the finance plan, there are plenty of options to help you meet your buying needs.

For example, With the 2 Series Gran Coupe, the BMW 360-degree plan also promises an assured buyback value of Rs. 24.07 lakhs making it a highly attractive deal. Not only the BMW car, but the finance plan also extends its services to accessories, service and warranty packages. Some plans also offer a low down payment, so you need not part with a large sum of money. Instead, you can utilize it to invest in others.

BMW EMI Calculator
BMW Navnit Motors helps you with the 360-degree Financial Plan that includes a comprehensive EMI calculator that ensures every cost related is mentioned Add to that, BMW’s comprehensive sales and service network across India remains the most reputed in the luxury space. The program also covers roadside assistance, providing you with quick service in case of a breakdown to the nearest authorized service centre.

2022-bmw-i4-india-launch-price (1)

Switch to Electric with the BMW 360-degree Financial Plan
It’s not just BMW’s ICE range that’s covered under the 360-degree plan, you can also opt for the automaker’s futuristic electric vehicles that are even more accessible. Be it the BMW i4 or the flagship iX, the electric car of your choice comes with the same benefits in the 360-degree Financial or leasing if you wish to. Slash that fuel budget by 80 per cent while the low EMI translates to even lower ownership costs on a BMW.


Upgrade to a Newer & Bigger BMW
At the end of the term, BMW Navnit Motors helps you with the 360-degree Financial Plan which promises even more benefits. There are countless individuals which whom the dealership has helped get the right deal. Also, get brand loyalty benefits if you opt for a newer model or want to upgrade to a bigger BMW vehicle. Adore the current BMW you own? You also get the option of purchasing the car completely with BMW Financial Services, which offers refinancing options. You don’t have to compromise on the model or variant of your choice There’s also the option to pay a lump sum at the end of the lease term and own the vehicle.

2023-BMW-X6-India-LCI- (5)
2023 BMW X6

As you have realized, It is truly special with the BMW 360-degree Financial Plan, owning a BMW is now easier than ever for salaried or business owners. Go to BMW Navnit Motors or their website! Check the host of services offered with the 360-degree plan and get your dream BMW home!

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