BMW Films Are Back To Give Nostalgia and Bring Back Short Yet Hardcore Action Clips


BMW Films Are Back with The Escape and gets our spirits to all new high, these films have a special place in BMW enthusiast’s hearts

BMW Films Are Back! 15 years ago the last incredible creation under BMW Films came along and became an instant holy grail of car advertisements. With the Hollywood action star, Clive Owen at the helm, the 2001 mini web movie series, “The Hire” had BMW cars and great action to add to it. Now, BMW believe that this is time when Clive Owen returns to driving BMW’s and letting all hell break loose. The latest arrival from BMW Films is called “The Escape” and is now available for your viewership. Needless to say, BMW’s penchant of tapping top talent for its work means that “The Escape” has turned out to be absolutely marvelous. We reckon, this is the worthy successor of the legendary 2001 series and would only take the legacy of BMW Films further.

This time around, BMW roped in the famous Director from the quirky and incredible action movie ‘District 9’, Neil Blomkamp. Neil direct Clive Owen who returns spectacularly in his famous role. Then there are other Hollywood talents like Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead and Daredevil, and Vera Farmiga from The Departed and The Conjuring. Beong a movie that comes from the mind of Blomkamp, there is off-course a bit of that Sci-Fi touch to it as well.

What we dearly liked is the fact that, this time around Clive is driving the all new 2017 BMW 5 Series that was unveiled only a few days back. Interestingly, the G30 BMW 5 Series is yet to officially land on public rods, thus “The Escape” would definitely rove to be a huge branding campaign for the German automaker. In fact the car suits incredibly well to the high-speed and intense rescue mission storyline of the fast pace short movie. We absolutely loved watching this return of BMW Films and hope the next movie won’t take 15 years to arrive. Watch the BMW Films: The Escape below and let us know what you think of it. PS: Don’t Baby Sit Clive Owen, ever!

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