Bybre Two piston and single piston floating calipers revealed at Auto Expo 2020


BYBRE celebrates 10 years of the birth of its brand, confirming its presence at Auto Expo Components 2020 – Delhi, presenting to the Indian market a family of brake calipers with a new stylistic look. Innovation and tradition come together to enhance the brand identity through a completely renewed style, born from a careful design study.

The most important motorcycle market in the world is in fact mature for a range of specifically designed products, in which the refined shapes and energetic and clear lines express strength and solidity, tangible elements of the performance and technological component of the BYBRE product family.

BYBRE_Single piston caliper_1 (4)

The new two piston and single piston floating calipers (diameter 2x26mm), are characterized by the unmistakable arrow set in the B of BYBRE, which becomes the distinctive element and makes the new family of brake calipers identity, emphasizing the technical quality. Both calipers are available in various diameters.

Among the new technical solutions adopted to favor the integration design/function there is the position of the connection and bleed studs, inclined to be more protected from shocks and at the same time to have a design with simple lines, but with character, which make the caliper easier to clean.

A technical feature of the new calipers is the possibility to choose between improved ventilation (leaving the opening of the bridge free for air flow) and aesthetic customization using the canopy available in different colors.

BYBRE_Single piston caliper

The BYBRE family of calipers, in addition to the two presented at the Show and the single piston caliper with 32mm or 34mm diameter floating caliper already in the range, will soon be enriched with a new radial 4-piston caliper, also revised in aesthetics.

The new products are aimed at supporting the path of Indian motorcycles evolution, with greater attention to design, appealing to a growing number of riders in India that are looking for the motorcycle not only as a mean of transport but more and more as a status symbol.

The Indian market for motorcycle is evolving with more attention to design and performances. Also India is an hub for manufacturing motorcycle for the rest of the world. The brakes are evolving to meet the demand of more appealing design and improved performances.

BYBRE has become the market leader for disc brakes in India thanks to the engineering and product leadership. The aim is to continue in this path: be ahead of the trends and confirm BYBREleadership position. Moreover, BYBRE would like to become the best choice for all manufacturers willing to build in India and export to the rest of the world.

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