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Citroen SpaceTourer Revealed Globally With ICE AND EV Powertrain

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A pioneer in the MPV segment, Citroën has unveiled New SpaceTourer, a people carrier that moves upmarket in every respect. Available in two lengths to accommodate up to 9 passengers, it is more elegant, with a front end that reflects Citroën’s new styling identity, more comfortable and more connected with, in particular, a latest-generation infotainment system, and even more practical with increased clever storage compartments. With its powerful, expressive design, modularity for multiple configurations, and on-board well-being in every situation, this rolling lounge is more than ever a modern answer to every need.

The new SpaceTourer is a perfect illustration of Citroën’s expertise in developing versatile, spacious cars that it is a pleasure to be in. Models that are true to the Brand’s values, offering exceptional comfort and clever design, to make an intense, multi-faceted life easier to live. Practical and user-friendly on a daily basis, it is not only the ideal large MPV for all types of tribe – family, friends, sports teams, etc. – but it is also more than ever a vehicle suited to professional passenger transport.

In the electric version offered in Europe, range has been extended to 350 km (WLTP combined cycle currently being certified), for maximum versatility and offering sustainable mobility with controlled running costs. For professionals, it is a way of playing a part in the energy transition, enhancing their environmental image, particularly for shuttle service providers, gaining access to restricted areas, enjoying unrivalled driving comfort and controlling their expenditure. Combined with the new e-ROUTES application, they can even benefit from a genuine personal assistant to help them plan their longer journeys.

Its very upright front end with its high bonnet gives it all its power. With its radical redesign, it ushers the new SpaceTourer into Citroën’s new design identity. This is particularly visible on the grille, which incorporates the Marque’s new oval logo. The new emblem is a strong, highly graphic signature that adds a modern touch to the face of the vehicle. This logo is linked on either side to the headlamps by a very elegant striped black band that echoes the chevron motifs.

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The headlamps have been redesigned and now feature a distinctive sign of Citroën’s new identity: the light signature. It is characterised by a vertical bar linking two horizontal bars. With its highly structured appearance, this signature is easily identifiable and also adds a modern touch to the front end.

The new front end is highly coherent and compact. It expresses robustness and width. It blends harmoniously with the rest of the silhouette, with its remarkably simple lines. Two new metallic shades have been added to the palette of 5 body colours: Titanium Grey and Kapari Green complement Kaolin White, Steel Grey and Perla Nera Black. The 17″ wheel trims feature the new logo at their centre, while the new 17″ alloy wheels are more distinctive, with a new ‘spider’ central boss incorporating the new logo.

Inside, the new dashboard features a fresh design that combines elegance with even greater practicality. It features a new 10-inch central HD touchscreen in the upper part, and is even more functional, with storage compartments larger, more numerous and even more cleverly designed. For example, the cupholders at each side of the upper part have been modified to accommodate smartphones as well, providing a safer place for this essential item. The new upper storage area in the centre has been enlarged and can now accommodate tablets. On the higher trim levels it is covered by a lid for added security.

The central section of the dashboard features a new control interface housing the gear selector and driving mode selector, as well as an enlarged storage area incorporating a wireless charging zone for smartphones. Its volume is generous, with taut lines that blend in well with the overall style of the board. An aluminium effect décor adds distinction to this area. In the same spirit, another decoration painted in a deep grey tone runs across the entire width of the dashboard between its upper and lower sections. It suggests elegance and lightness, and reinforces the feeling of width and space on board.

The steering wheel is also new, with various integrated controls (telephone, audio system, driving aids, etc.) and can be heated. More functional and ergonomic, its styling is also more structured which, together with the new logo on the central boss, gives it a more modern look.

Because customers of these large MPVs have the same expectations as of any other vehicle in an ultra-connected world, New SpaceTourer takes on a new dimension in terms of on-board connectivity. Whether in terms of the quality of the display or the infotainment features, New SpaceTourer offers the absolute best to bring life on board into line with the times.A 100% digital 10-inch instrument cluster is now standard on all new SpaceTourers. In colour, it allows drivers to customise the display of key information, as well as enjoying aesthetically pleasing, high-definition graphics.

New SpaceTourer features the new My Citroën Play infotainment system, which is based on a new 10-inch HD touchscreen located in the centre of the dashboard. Inspired by smartphone ergonomics, the touchscreen is easy to use and extremely fluid. It controls the multimedia environment, such as music or the telephone, and also the vehicle’s configuration functions. It replicates your smartphone wirelessly via WiFi mirroring, and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It features natural, ultra-fluent voice recognition, transforming this media system into a veritable personal assistant
In its most advanced version, My Citroën Drive Plus, it incorporates connected 3D navigation that takes account of traffic conditions in real time.A handy wireless smartphone charger (option) is located on the centre console, within reach of the two front passengers.Additional sockets. New SpaceTourer is fitted with up to 4 USB C sockets (two on the dashboard and two in row 2) and two 12 V sockets.

The new SpaceTourer’s efficient architecture is designed to provide a comfortable, practical environment for all types of use. It offers space on board, modularity, boot space and road holding qualities that make every journey a moment of relaxation, whatever the type of occupants. Highly functional and modular, it can be adapted to suit every need.

It is the ideal everyday companion, whether in the country or the city. With a height of 1.90 m, it provides easy access to car parks. Versatile and rewarding, it is available in two body lengths, M (4.98 m) and L (5.33 m), and can accommodate up to 9 passengers in a wide range of layouts. Citroën SpaceTourer offers a wide range of ‘à la carte’ configurations to suit all tastes and uses.

Choice of versions: New SpaceTourer offers a multitude of configurations. Private customers can choose between 5-, 7- and 8-seater versions, while business customers will find a solution that can be customised to suit their needs and carry from 5 to 9 people, including the Business Lounge pack, a top-of-the-range version with a back-to-the-road 2nd row and seating up to 7 people.
1st row: the passenger seat with armrest can be folded flat (depending on pack), allowing long objects to be loaded or the view to be opened up for passengers in row 2.
2nd and 3rd rows: the 3-seater 2/3-1/3 bench seats are sliding (depending on pack), folding and removable; they can slide independently to adjust legroom; the seats are removable, giving optimum volume for bulky items; occupants have reclining backrests with headrests for comfortable seating

The sliding side-doors can be motorised. This is a real plus, for drivers of the ë-SpaceTourer Business or Business Lounge for example, as they can operate them from the front of the vehicle to open or close the sliding doors, eliminating the need for passengers to handle them.
It also has hands-free sliding side doors, a function that allows you to open and close the side doors without touching them, when both hands are full. By simply passing your foot under the corner of the rear bumper, the vehicle unlocks and the side door on the side you are on opens automatically. This is a real asset when it comes to putting younger children in their baby seats, for example, or loading luggage.An opening rear window, which makes it easy to load the boot with a flick of the wrist, or to access it if you don’t have the space to open the tailgate.

A technological model with a strong character, muscular lines and remarkable dynamic behaviour, it represents a modern vision of a segment that has progressed towards more car-like qualities. It offers a high level of comfort for bodily and mental well-being, with a welcoming interior, a raised driving position and a glass roof. A feeling of well-being enhanced by high-level acoustic insulation combined with optimum ride comfort.

Citroen SpaceTourer Revealed Globally With ICE AND EV Powertrain (1)

SpaceTourer offers 17 practical driving aids for safe, stress-free driving. Technologies that make life easier, such as hands-free access and starting, hill-start assist, reversing camera with Top Rear Vision, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, as well as safety-enhancing technologies including functions such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, driver attention alert, lane keeping assist, collision warning, automatic headlamp dipping, traffic sign recognition, etc. The power steering becomes electric (instead of electro-hydraulic), to reduce effort and improve manoeuvrability.

In Europe, the new SpaceTourer is available only as a ë-SpaceTourer, with a particularly comprehensive and efficient range of electric powertrains, which has been further developed to offer up to 350 km of range (WLTP combined cycle, currently undergoing homologation). ë-SpaceTourer is particularly well suited to the needs of professionals (shuttles, taxis, etc.), local authorities, companies, clubs and associations, families and “tribes”. It guarantees them sufficient range for the vast majority of their daily journeys, an unprecedented ride comfort that’s smooth, without noise or vibration, access to restricted areas with zero CO2 emissions, and reduced running costs.

The 100 kW (136 bhp) motor continues to be offered with two types of Lithium-Ion battery, allowing customers to choose the one best suited to their activity, depending on their usage and preferences. The 50 kWh battery offers a range of 224 km (WLTP combined cycle, currently being certified), perfectly suited, for example, to daily shuttles between a city centre and an airport. More versatile than ever, ë-SpaceTourer fitted with the 75 kWh battery now offers a range of up to 350 km (WLTP combined cycle, currently being certified), 20 km more than the previous generation.

The ë-SpaceTourer’s range can be further optimised thanks to the new three-stage regenerative braking system controlled by new paddles located behind the steering wheel, which can be adapted to the vehicle’s driving conditions and type of mission.

ë-SpaceTourer is equipped with a 7.4 kW on-board charger and can be fitted with an optional 11 kW three-phase charger for easy recharging. From a 7.4 kW wall-box, the 50 kWh battery can be fully recharged in 6 hours 40 minutes and the 75 kWh battery in 11 hours 20 minutes. On an 11 kW wall-box, full recharge is achieved in 4 hours 50 minutes for the 50 kWh battery and 7 hours 30 minutes for the 75 kWh battery. On a 100 kW rapid charger, it only takes 38 or 45 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%.

Outside Europe, in addition to the 100% electric powertrain, the new SpaceTourer can also be equipped with the powerful and efficient 180 bhp BlueHDi diesel engine, combined with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

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