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Easy To Use Aftermarket Ventilated Seats For Rs 6K – For Honda Elevate & C3 Aircross

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With our environment becoming increasingly hot and humid, the presence of ventilated seats is fast becoming a desirable feature in the Indian market. In the compact SUV segment, all offerings but MG Aster and Citroen C3 Aircross offer ventilated seats however you have to buy top trims of these SUVs to get this feature. Honda Elevate, which was recently launched in the Indian market, doesn’t feature ventilated seats (even in top trim) which came across as a downer for many.

However, Honda offers a ventilated seat function through an OEM accessory that can be fitted even in the base variant of Elevate. In addition to ventilated seats, this accessory also offers the massage function which is not available in any other contender in the compact SUV segment. Designed to operate on a 12V socket, the accessory is available for Rs 6k for one seat. The seat has an inbuilt fan that channelizes the air through the pores of the seat and has three different fan speed levels. The best part is the availability of the massage function in the seat though it comes with only one level of intensity.


The entire setup isn’t as seamless as the OEM ventilated although it’s a good option that is worth consideration. As far as the effectiveness of the entire mechanism is concerned, we suggest you personally experience it at Honda’s dealership to know how effective it actually is.

Undoubtedly, it is a commendable effort on the part of Honda to come up with such a thoughtful invention that is really useful in our weather conditions. We hope that going forward other manufacturers will also consider offering such novel accessories with their cars and even consider offering ventilated seats as an option in middle and lower variants of their vehicles.

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