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Entire India KTM Line Up Change By December 2023 – Confirmed By Rajiv Bajaj

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Entire India KTM line up is ready to change confirms Rajiv Bajaj in a recent interview with CNBC-TV18. The KTM line up as we knew is about to get a change by 2024 as the KTM Duke 390 all new generation is set to launch before Diwali in India! However, Mr Bajaj has said that the entire lineup will change by the year end. We assume that it will happen by December 2023 or March 2024. Calendar or fiscal year end wasn’t confirmed. Given Bajaj/KTM timelines do keep shifting, this is a safe bet to consider.

The 2023 Duke 390 is set to launch very soon. We assume by August 2023 end. The KTM Duke 390 is going to change the game again as it has been highly optimized in every area. The new chassis, suspension and engine will take the game forward in every way. Expect host of electronics, adjustable suspension and much more to be on offer. Expect a price tag of Rs 3.0 lakhs plus and a Rs 3.0 lakh variant if KTM plans to launch a bare basic version of the Duke 390 just like the ADV 390.

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The KTM line up revision means the KTM Duke 200 and 250 is surely going to be updated. We think the KTM 200 twins could be replaced. There could be capacity changes. We think there could be 300 incoming as the KTM 250 lineup has been criticized for not having a great engine to begin with and it isn’t quite value for money either. The KTM 300 line up could come in and KTM Duke 390 as we know is like to become the KTM 410. This will keep breathing room for KTM 125 and RC 125 and KTM will be less worried about cannibalization and can actually sleep well every night if they make this happen. If not, KTM 200 and 250 will continue with major updates.

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Wishful thinking would be that India can someday get a KTM 150 RC and Duke to take on the Yamaha MT-15 and R15 while the KTM 125 can be exported peacefully where it makes more sense. KTM has made a lot of changes to their lineup in this generation and these changes could rock the Indian motorcycling scenario entirely. This is something Bajaj has done time and again and recently with the Triumph 400 twins as well. All this could KTM’s sales in India quite well and KTM could become a more dominating brand in India that it is in the rest of the world. If Yamaha, the most conservative brand in the world, can make 150’s for select markets, KTM can do it as well and could do it better too.

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