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EXCLUSIVE: Suzuki Gixxer SF ABS Review, First Ride

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Suzuki Gixxer SF is the first motorcycle in its class to offer ABS and it has come in a single channel avatar just like how we saw first in the Pulsar RS200

Suzuki Gixxer as we know it has become quite cult in the 150 CC segment. Space where Yamaha has been rolling for a really long time the Suzuki came and took the market by storm. Suzuki offers best-in-class styling, performance be it in the city or on the highway unlike its rivals where they offered either one of these things.


Suzuki also made sure it is value for money and that’s the reason why the Gixxer is a hit in this entry level sporty variant of the 150cc motorcycles segment. Suzuki since the Inception has been launching variants one after the other in the form of special versions and dual disc variant.

Now Suzuki offered the ABS variant for the first time in a 150 cc motorcycle in the Indian market. Suzuki has chosen to offer single channel abs to keep the cost down but not affecting the safety aspect of the ABS system that it wants to offer. Previously we have given you a proper road test of the Suzuki SF Fi now we have had a short spin on the motorcycle tell you how the brakes feel like along what we noticed while testing this motorcycle.


In terms of design nothing much has changed all the body panels continue to be the same as it was earlier. Gixxer Continues to look great and has the Hayabusa inspired headlight at the front, a very good clear lens tail lamp at the rear along with the dual port sporty exhaust. AHO is another feature that is standard with the bike.


Ergonomics remain the same so does the very highly loaded instrument cluster which continues to impress with a whole host of features such as Eco and power mode along with ABS light, RPM light, digital speedometer and Tachometer. Plastic quality is decent and fit finish his spot on.


In terms of performance, the engine remains the same the 155 CC motor makes 14 PS of power and 14.6 Nm of torque. 2-valve air cooled engine liquid with SEP Technology make sure that you get the best of both worlds in terms of performance and fuel efficiency.

The engine is refined, free revving and made quite a lot of lower and and mid range power. The gearing makes sure that the rider can extract a lot of top end power from this motorcycle. The intake note as well as the exhaust note continues to please the rider. The gearing spot on with the Gixxer as it has been space really well. Clutch is light and gearbox is smooth.


In terms of braking we were worried about the initial bite with the new ABS system on offer. However, Suzuki does not disappoint as there is good amount of initial bite with ABS and enough progressive power post that to halt the motorcycle. Since this is an ABS equipped motorcycle, the front brakes won’t lock no matter what the condition is.


Rear brakes continue to be the same and it is equipped with the sensor and not with an ABS module so it can lock up and under heavy breaking which shouldn’t provoke panic in riders. Handling continues to be the same with very good grip from the tires. The motorcycle is agile in the corners, nimble in the city and stable at highway speeds.

Suzuki Gixxer SF ABS Review, Verdict


The verdict is very simple with the Suzuki Gixxer that is equipped with the ABS system. We should expect the same from other manufacturers that single channel seems to be the way to go ahead. Suzuki’s become the first one to offer ABS in the 150-160 CC segment which is currently booming thanks to the new entrant from Bajaj called the Pulsar 160 NS. Honda Hornet and Yamaha FZ continue to be a part of the segment. Suzuki Gixxer then has a lot of options for you. You can still get the Gixxer Naked version without ABS and Fi and there are options of no rear disc and dual disc variants for the same.

The Gixxer SF comes with many options as well. The only downside to this particular product right now is the pricing because it reaches over Rs. 1,10,000 in major cities nationwide. Apart from that the Gixxer continues to be a great motorcycle in the segment while offering best-in-class performance, styling, value for money and most importantly now the safety net called ABS.

Gixxer SF ABS Review
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