Expected: Jeep Compass Safety Rating From NCAP Released- Full Five Stars!


Jeep Compass Safety Rating are high as expected from the manufacturer who is known for tough build quality and providing 50 plus safety features in its new Compass

Jeep Compass Safety Rating From NCAP and is good news for the Indian market. A place where Jeep Compass is going of the shelves quickly and selling more than anything else in that segment. A segment which Jeep has created between two mighty rivals such as Hyundai and old friend Mahindra. Compass slots in between and that balance is helping garner attention. Jeep is known for making tough and safe vehicles, a major plus point which has made customers run to get their SUV’s in India. It also the first’affordable’ SUV in the space.

Jeep-Compass-India-price-launch (2)

Indian owners can rejoice as the Jeep Compass Safety Rating are out from NCAP and it has awarded full five stars. Despite the lack of knee airbag, it is managed full five star rating. Now, the Compass will also most likely pass a slightly less tough safety test in India which is the Bharat NCAP. India’s own NCAP test vehicles with less speed when it comes to forward collision.

Apart from that side, roof and other aspect in terms of rating should be similar to the US version. Something that is tested here and is an Left hand drive vehicle. Jeep makes right hand vehicles in India and exports to all RHS markets.

Adult occupant scores 90% and Child occupant scores 83% and Pedestrians score 64%. The passive safety assit in the Compass is rated at 59%. Meanwhile, continues to be an initial success in the Indian market with 10,000 bookings.

Jeep is ramping up production as well. Jeep comes with a 1.4 petrol with manual and automatic gearbox and 2.0 litre diesel engine comes with a manual for now and automatic will come soon in the form of a 9-speed. Come October we will see more from Jeep and how it fares in our conditions.


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