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Finally! Affordable and Practical Ather Family Scooter Spied

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The latest pictures of the scooter now confirm that it is an all-new EV from Ather. The original photo only showed Spy Scooter’s face. However, these new images show us what the front and back look like.

The main thing is that it is a family-style scooter. It’s no secret that Ather is developing such a product, and now we have an idea of ​​what it will look like. In fact, if you zoom in to study the image, you’ll see a cartoon family in the centre with a mother, father, and son.

2024 Ather EV spied (3)

If you look pass the cartoon, you’ll see that the side shows a flat floor and a large, wide-looking seat. The handlebars seem to stay at a good height, which should solve one of the biggest problems with the current Ather 450 platform. It also has a large handle that appears to be on the back.

Keeping with the practicality theme, there is plenty of legroom for the passenger on the left side, and both sides of the scooter have built-in panels for the passenger’s feet. The bumpers on both ends seem pretty solid, which should solve another problem some current Ather customers are reporting.

2024 Ather EV spied (2)

Finally, the belt drive system is hidden, making the system last longer. Interestingly, this scooter does not have a drive motor as found in many budget electric vehicles. This indicates that this scooter has been designed with consideration, but it is still an affordable product. Nice touches are also found in the stylish mirrored handlebars, slightly curved rear lines and blue LED tail-lights. You can also see the side stand. Make sure the alloy set looks good. It is reasonable to assume that it will be the same as the 450S, which is claimed to have a range of 90 km and a top speed of 90 km/h.

There is a 12-inch front wheel and disc brakes. It is unclear whether there are disc or drum brakes at the rear. This is Ather’s all-new EV since the 450 range went on sale in 2018. Whether Ather took the expensive aluminium to make chassis is or not is yet to be determined. It will be released early next year and will have a price tag closer to the affordable range of TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak and Ola S1.


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