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Finally! Mahindra Group Launches The Museum of Living History!

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Much rumored and highly awaited move from the group has finally taken shape. The Mahindra Group today announced the launch of ‘The Museum of Living History’, a new world, contemporary space at the Mahindra Towers, Worli, Mumbai. More than a showcase of the past, the museum is designed to be a continuum to the future, connecting the historic richness of the last 75 years to its evolving present and the undiscovered future. It is a one-of-a-kind initiative that reflects the Group’s purpose and its people. It is a space where #PurposeMeetsDesign.

The museum is conceptualised by design and creative consultant, Elsie Nanji, and ‘experience’ designer, Harsh Manrao. It houses specially commissioned art pieces that tell the story of Mahindra’s core values and principles, its various businesses, its rich history, and its outlook to the future. There are surprising tales and charming details – delicately carved chalk figurines by Alijan Shaikh; assemblages by Sara Lovari; a mirrored and sliced Battista installation by Shahrukh Irani; “Dreamcatcher”, a kinetic sculpture by Jaideep Mehrotra; the original simulator of the Formula-E race car and among others, animation films created by young illustrators.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, said, “Just as life is not static, The Museum of Living History is a living, breathing entity in the ever-changing world of the Mahindra Group. The museum celebrates the philosophy, the DNA, the core values, and the culture of the Group and is a cornucopia of stories that define us. I am excited to see it evolve with time and tell a brand story like never before.”

The museum is a collaborative project involving diverse teams from the Chairman’s Office, Corporate Brand, IT, Corporate Infrastructure Services working in tandem with the external design team along with several artists and execution agencies.

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Speaking about the museum, Harsh Manrao, Director, Figments Experience Lab, mentioned, “The pluralistic narrative of the Mahindra Museum has been conceptualised to celebrate stories of success. Each section presents an evocative aesthetic blend of history, design, art and technology. The physical and digital installations have been curated to add depth to the stories and can be updated continually. A timeless piece of experience-centred design, the museum is the pulsating heart of brand Mahindra.”

Design and creative consultant, Elsie Nanji further added, “The spaces were carefully planned to cocoon the viewer like a warm embrace, a perfect ambience to absorb the message and details of the art within. The idea of curating stories over the last 75 years of Mahindra Group and converting selected stories into a creative brief to inspire each artist was a challenging task. Never before has a large organisation or a brand told its story in such a unique way.”

The architectural design of the museum reflects a nautilus, spiral in shape, which is reflective of the company’s growth, expansion, and constant renewal. The interior reflects a futuristic space with delicately balanced textures and light that seem to be in constant motion. A mutoscope shows a growing Banyan Tree video on a wall suggesting an ever-expanding Group. There are objects and hype-boxes within the space that move and respond to touch. A laser beam of light, like a ticking clock invites you to experience the present and walk into the future.

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The museum celebrates the Rise philosophy of the Mahindra Group. Stories of strive and triumph, values, ethics, and concern for community have been bought to life within it. The museum has been conceptualised as a space where people can gather to learn, share, and interact.

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