GoZero Mile and GoZero One Electric Performance E-Bikes Launched


GoZero Mile and GoZero One Electric are made in the UK and company wants to focus in the Indian market and has tied up with an local company

GoZero Mobility has decided to embark upon its product journey through India which is one of the largest 2 wheeler & bicycle market in the world. To begin with GoZero Mobility has launched two of its flagship products “One” and “Mile” performance e-bikes in New Delhi which will be rolled out in rest of India in phased manner.

GoZero One is powered with 400Wh lithium battery pack which is optimized to provide 60 Kms of range on single charge & GoZero Mile is powered with 300Wh lithium battery pack which provides 45 kms range. Both are specialized performance e-bikes providing optimum stability and comfort and come with multi-modes of operation giving users freedom to choose the way of riding – Throttle, Peddle Assist, Cruise Mode, Walk Mode and Manual Peddle.

GoZero Mobility has partnered up with Kirti Solar a company based in Kolkata, for the development and manufacturing of current & future products, utilizing the global supply chain to “Make in India”. As a part of the association, Kirti Solar has invested USD 250,000 in GoZero Mobility. Manufacturing is going to take place from Kolkata, West Bengal with an initial capacity of 20,000 units per annum. The partnership is for the global market & aimed to make India as an export hub for global sales of GoZero E-Bikes. The bicycle market in India is 16.5 Lakh units and the premium bicycle market is roughly 350,000.

GoZero Mile and GoZero One Electric Performance E-Bikes Launched

Go Zero has decided to take atwo-pronged approach, Online sales & Distributor/Dealer Channels with Exclusive Experience Zones in major cities. Go Zero is planning to open 18 experience centres and a network of over 1000 retailers in next 2 years. GoZero will also be launching its signature range of lifestyle merchandise designed in the UK, which includes Tees, Sweat Shirts, Jackets, Belts, and Wallets etc. Both the e-bikes come with lockable battery pack which makes it very convenient to charge & carry. Mile comes at Rs. 29,999 and One comes at Rs. 32,999.

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