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Hindustan Petroleum Launches HP Power 99 Octane Fuel In Tamil Nadu!

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Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., a Government of India Enterprise with a Maharatna Status, has launched ‘poWer 99’, a branded petrol with an Octane rating of 99, in Tamil Nadu, to cater to the growing demand for premium fuel from the rising population of high-end cars and performance bikes in the State.

With an Octane rating of 99, ‘poWer 99’ is currently the highest octane rated petrol available in India. The octane rating of premium fuels of its competitors is not more than 97. Most high-end cars and bikes are designed to run on high octane rated petrol, which is good at preventing uncontrolled or abnormal combustion in engines, and thus at enhancing engine performance.

Mr. M.C. Sampath, Minister for Industries, Government of Tamil Nadu launched ‘poWer 99’ at the HPCL petrol pumps in the presence of Mr. N. Balaganga, Ex. MP, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari, Chief General Manager, Retail – South Zone, and Mr. Balaji Anandan, Deputy General Manager, Retail – Chennai Regional Office, HPCL.

Commenting about ‘poWer 99’, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari, said, “The market for high-end cars is increasing in many Indian cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai. Hence, the demand for good fuel with a high octane rating is also on the rise. ‘poWer 99’ is a premium branded petrol. It has an octane rating of 99, which is currently the highest in India. ‘poWer 99’ not only improves the engine performance but also fuel efficiency.”

Mr. Maheshwari also added that owing to its superior combustion in the combustion chamber, ‘poWer 99’ also reduces emissions. It also does not contain any harmful heavy metals. These factors make ‘poWer 99’ an eco-friendly fuel. Octane improvement used in ‘poWer 99’ is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

HP Power 99 Octane Fuel In Tamil Nadu!
HP Power 99 Octane Fuel In Tamil Nadu!

HPCL is planning to expand the reach of the product to other cities in Tamil Nadu in the next two years. Already ‘poWer 99’ is available in 20 cities across India. ‘poWer 99’ can withstand a greater rise in temperature during the compression stroke of an internal combustion engine without auto-ignition. This makes it an ideal fuel choice for high end cars from automakers like Porsche, Volvo, Lexus, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari. The fuel will also be extremely crucial for performance (race) cars, and also for performance motorcycles from manufacturers like Triumph, Harley Davidson and Ducati, among others.

HPCL is a Maharatna CPSE. HPCL owns & operates two major refineries producing a wide variety of petroleum fuels & specialities, one in Mumbai with 7.5 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MMTPA) capacity and another in Visakhapatnam, with a capacity of 8.3 MMTPA. It has a vast supply & distribution infrastructure comprising terminals, pipeline networks, aviation service stations, LPG bottling plants, inland relay depots & retail outlets, lube and LPG distributorships. In Tamil Nadu, it has about 2,500 retail outlets.

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