Honda Cars Showrooms To Change Dramatically – Will Offer A Pleasant Experience Inside Out


The entire range of Honda Car Showrooms will benefit from this in the long term to meet high expectations from the Indian consumer

Honda Cars India today announced that all its existing showroom and service centers will adopt a new corporate identity as part of its network modernisation initiative. The new identity accentuates the aesthetics and overall appeal in form of distinctive exteriors, warm & welcoming interiors and a new customer interface, offering an enriched and unmatched buying experience.

The entire sales and distribution network with 350 facilities in 239 cities spread across the country will adopt the new identity progressively within the next three years. HCIL is also implementing ‘iWorkshop’ – a fully integrated digital workshop management system that combines the key workshop processes into a simple and intuitive solution using the latest technologies.

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The key highlights of the new network identity include a brand new exterior design with bold and impactful logos offering a distinctive look so as to stand out in the urban environment. The large red colored entry portal is a very eye catching element which brings out the unique aestheic appeal of the Honda dealership which cannot be missed even in a fast moving traffic. The reduced glazing from the previous design helps in reduction of heat and enhancing energy efficiency.

The showroom interiors are designed to provide a warm and welcoming feeling to the customers. Clutter free and friendly spaces have been set in superbly lit environment. Distinct areas for car display and customer interaction have been made seamless with each of the areas flowing into one another without a visual barrier. A common customer lounge for sales and service customers offer highest level of comfort and convenience. Inclusion of wood décor in the entire showroom and a Café add a warm and cosy feeling for the customer.

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The modern showrooms include enhanced focus on technology and digitalisation, offering a myriad of Interactive user experience. Use of expansive 75’’ LED screen for video driven product explanation, Accessory and Color configurators will help to connect with customers using digital medium.

The iWorkshop would help provide real-time updates and a more holistic after sales experience to Honda customers. Tablet based smoother check-in, Estimate on emails, Efficient bay management, Re-estimate approval & Online payment being very convenient for pick and drop car are some of the key features of iWorkshop and facilitated through Honda Connect application. This will enhance transparency in workshop operations thus contributing towards customer satisfaction.

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