Husqvarna E-Pilen Concept Finally Revealed! – Details Out!


Husqvarna Motorcycles is going forward into the future with a zero-emissions product range to broaden the brand’s appeal to existing riders as well as a whole new audience.

Inspired by the pioneering design of the successful Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, the brand offers a tantalising vision of what its future move into electric urban mobility will look like with the E-Pilen Concept.The current Husqvarna Motorcycles street range is already known for being progressive, smart, dynamic and purely design oriented. These values will continue to be hallmarks of the E-mobility line. The E-Pilen Concept is a clear statement of that intent. With a power output of 8 kW and a range of 100 km the E-Pilen Concept has clearly been developed with the urban commuter and leisure rider in mind, with a range that maximises the time between battery charges.

Husqvarna E-Pilen Concept (3)

Husqvarna Motorcycles keeps an open approach to all battery opportunities, aiding the parallel advantage of both fixed and swappable solutions. The E-Pilen Concept features a modular and swappable battery system allowing the power pack to be exchanged, extending the appeal and utility of electric motorcycles to those considering the switch.

It has always been the aim of Husqvarna Motorcycles to develop new products accessible to the broadest possible spectrum of riders. The E-mobility range will retain and continue the riding pleasure and dynamics refined through the long history and experience of the brand. In support of the E-mobility initiative, Husqvarna Motorcycles will strategically expand its dealer presence in urban and metropolitan areas. Development of the E-mobility range is already well-advanced and further information will be released in the near future.

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What do we know so far?

Revealing crucial information about upcoming Husqvarna E-Pilen electric bike earlier, the chief executive officer of Pierer mobility, Stefan Pierer said that meeting the customers’ expectation of huge mileage is a priority for the company. This is why the company had identified a 48V 15 kW ‘powerpack’ battery as a feasible solution for its electric bikes with displacement equivalent to their 50-125cc ICE counterparts. Something that is now being reserved for higher spec models that could follow after 2022.

Earlier in September 2020 this year, Pierer mobility announced that it is in the process of developing the Husqvarna E-Pilen electric bike that will go on sale in 2022. According to media report, Husqvarna and KTM are jointly developing electric bikes with power output ranging between 3kW and 10kW. These bikes will be manufactured in the company’s plant in Maharashtra and the common platform will support a range of models for both companies. The report also suggests the capacity of the company’s plant in Maharashtra will be increased from 108,000 units to 200,000 units.

Pierer Mobility had earlier released a sketch of E-Pilen for investors to provide them with a glimpse of the design of the upcoming bike. The new offering will have proportions similar to the other offerings of Husqvarna such as Svartpilen and Vitpilen twins. That said, some cool design cues will be exclusive to the E-Pilen to help it differentiate from other models.

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The company has possibly used two 4kW battery, one which powers the Chetak electric scooter. The small battery capacity also indicates that the electric offerings from the company will be cost-effective in nature, unlike its other premium motorcycle offerings. Importantly, the production of a range of Husqvarna bikes including the likes of Vitpilen 250, Svartpilen 250, Vitpilen 401, and Svartpilen 401 have been relocated to India to save on the cost factor. The launch of the E-Pilen is expected to happen in 2022 and the retail price of its base model with 8kW battery could be around Rs 5-6 lakh if it comes to India.

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