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2021 Husqvarna 401 India Bound – Vitpilen And Svartpilen 401

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2021 Husqvarna 401 Twins India Bound – Vitpilen And Svartpilen 401 – India Launch is around the October-November 2020 mark

2021 Husqvarna 401 India Bound models are progressive, rugged motorcycle with timeless appeal, designed to endure the demands of urban exploration. Drawing inspiration from Husqvarna Motorcycles’ pioneering heritage, this bike also looks ahead, innovates and guides the future of motorcycling in a whole new direction. They are now set to be launched and join the 250 twins that were launched earlier this year. Production at home base of Husqvarna will stop for below the 400cc segment. They will also be exported to the world from here once production begins for the 401 which is set for early October 2020.

The design idea for the SVARTPILEN 401 is to strip away all unnecessary gimmicks and to create a simple, progressive mix of classic thinking and modern design. The lightweight and narrow bodywork are shaped into the SVARTPILEN 401’s design and intelligently allows for seamless movement while riding. Its black colour, rugged tyres and protective parts give the motorcycle a rigorous look to match its urban exploration intentions.

A design highlight of the SVARTPILEN 401 is the 17” spoked wheels. Central to the character of the SVARTPILEN 401, the wheels offer a unique sense of rugged style and are very robust, offering premium reliability on challenging urban terrain.

Offroad style handlebars and risers attach to stylishly forged aluminium triple clamps, central to the control zone of the SVARTPILEN 401. In keeping with the minimalistic look, it simply features a digital display unit with the necessary information. Front and rear lamps are using the latest LED technology, the lights are more than just designer pieces and contribute significantly to visibility and safety. The seat of the SVARTPILEN 401 uses high-quality foam and leather fabric, which, despite its reduced appearance, remains comfortable for the rider.

The aluminium filler cap displays the Husqvarna Motorcycles logo, like a stamp of premium quality, standing humble but bold on the fuel tank. The tank of the SVARTPILEN 401 features a standard luggage rack which allows for the mounting of light luggage for added rider convenience and contributes to the rugged look of the urban explorer.

2021 Husqvarna 401 India bound models are powered by a 375cc single-cylinder engine that is remarkably compact. With 37Nm of torque from low down in the RPM range and a 6-speed gearbox, it is perfect for urban riding. The electronic fuel injection is operated by a ride-by-wire system and delivers a sharp, but refined and controllable power with low fuel consumption and has a peak horsepower of 32kW (44hp)


The exhaust system on the SVARTPILEN 401 comprises of two parts, a pre-silencer made from steel, and a final silencer, made from aluminium and finished off in matt black. The silencer also features a standard heat shield which fits well with the rugged design. Importantly, the exhaust also ensures the SVARTPILEN 401 also meets strict emissions regulations.

2021 Husqvarna 401 India bound models are fitted with hydraulic ByBre disk brake callipers in combination with 320mm front and 230mm rear perforated steel discs, deliver controllable braking performance. Additionally, the SVARTPILEN 401 uses a Bosch ABS system, ensuring the highest level of safety in varying braking conditions. This function can be fully disengaged for more advanced riders.

The suspension on the 2021 Husqvarna 401 India Bound models are produced by WP performance systems as the front suspension features 43 mm open cartridge forks, while the rear features a progressive damping system connected directly to the swingarm. The high-quality components offer dynamic handling ideal for busy urban environments.

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