Hyundai Cars To Reach Production In As Early As 18 Months From Prototype


Hyundai Cars To Reach Production In As Early As 18 Months From Prototype as the company is already in stress to compete with stiff competition

Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai has always been conscious about keeping themselves updated with the latest trends and they also work towards designing, fabricating and releasing the best products in the market, all over across the big blue marble. The company isright now very much keenly interested to slay their competitors with product design cycles and they have also planned to introduce new models within a time span of 18 months. It seems that the company’s Vice President has ordered his subordinates to complete the base plan’s drawings and that he wants the drawings to manifest as a production reality as soon as possible.

The Senior Vice President of design at Hyundai and Genesis, Mr. Luc Donckerwwolke, revealed to the automotive news stating that the South Korean automaker is intending to respond to the latest trends and the demands for new models, by perilously chopping off life cycles. He also stated that the life cycles get shorter and will get further more shortened when the design of the automobile becomes shortened by half. In general, the Hyundai requires about three to four years to start the production of a model, and a year more right after the very first drawings are completed.

Hyundai-verna-2017-hybrid-spied (3)

In order to reduce the time much more say, by half, Hyundai will open a huge design studio at its Namyang Research and Development Centre near Seoul, within the next18months. Mr. Donckerwolke strongly believes that the company’s designers can reduce the design cycles as much as by 30 percent. The all new designing studio is being constructed at a whooping cost 67 million dollars, and the area occupied will be around 330,000 square feet. The studio is capable of housing 400 workers and is over double the size of the old design studio. Hyundai’s much recent styling language was premiered on the Kona crossover. Mr. Donckerwolke also revealed that the G70 sports sedan from Genesis will preview the luxury brand’s latest design form.

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