Hyundai Elantra Booking Number And Enquiries SkyRocket Within A Month


Hyundai Elantra Booking Number And Enquiries SkyRocket Within A Month as it is priced well and offers a lot of value for money

Hyundai has achieved yet another milestone for the All New Elantra. The Premier of the 6th Generation of Elantra in India was on August 23, 2016. Elantra was highly awaited post the global launches that happened subsequently this year. The car is the most important asset for Hyundai worldwide. The Elantra has a special place in every market as it won prestigious awards in America and Europe. The Elantra was launched last month in the country is already seen gaining success. The Elantra has received bookings of more than 1100 units till date. Over 300 units are sold already. There are over 18,000 enquiries within 6 weeks of its launch too.

Hyundai has played the cards really well with the Elantra. The pricing, styling and everything else including mechanical options to choose from is one of Hyundai’s forte’s done right with the car. The D-Segment car gets best in class styling, features and comes with bullet proof engines as standard. There are manual and automatic transmissions to choose from in both diesel and petrol unit, which is another plus point that buyers look forward too. The Elantra comes with a new interior layout that has a very German design to it. The Elantra gets the same 1.6 diesel engine that comes with a manual and automatic.


Diesel engine makes 126 BHP. 2.0 Litre petrol engine on the other hand is all new (was seen in the Sonata), but makes the same horsepower as the earlier 1.8 unit, which stands at 150 PS. Multiple variants to choose from and the starting pricing is always tempting indeed. 13.22 lakhs for base variant petrol and 15.0 lakhs for diesel base variant with many standard features is a deal in this segment. Competition for the Elantra has been priced on the higher side and we expect the sales to be good for a long time. The initial success of All New Elantra is further set to strengthened Hyundai’s position as a premium car manufacturer in India as well apart from volumes in lower segment.

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