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India Kawasaki Engine Oil Launched! KGO Developed With Idemitsu

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Engine oil is one of the most important lubricants required for the proper functioning of the bike. It protects the engine not only from wear and tear but also enhances the performance to a great extent. This is the reason why many two-wheeler companies have their own production of engine oils – it helps to suit specific requirements of the bike.
Kawasaki too has decided to venture into the engine oil category with its 10W-40 MA oil.

India Kawasaki Engine Oil is a result of research and development activities over the years. It has been carried out by the company’s team with a sharp focus on enhancing performance and aiding fuel efficiency. Engineers at the Kawasaki closely monitored the performance and lubrication aspect of the engine oil and after intense exploration, have now been ready to launch its own engine oil in the market. The company claims a yearly drainage interval, which is a bold promise in our situation for high-performance engines.

2021 BS6 Kawasaki Vulcan 650 S (2)

Japan’s leading Lubricant manufacturer Idemitsu India in developing KGO for all four-stroke motorcycles in India, which will help to give rider superior & desired performance. KGO has been formulated from high-performance base Oils and Additives, which provides optimum engine performance through excellent Lubrication full-throttle experience. KGO also offers the Kawasaki Customers an overall smooth gearshift experience and protect Kawasaki Engine during cold start. With KGO Launch we would work together with the authorized dealerships of IKM to lend the best support & enhanced customer service experience.

BS6 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX (2)

India Kawasaki Engine Oil is superior in a number of aspects when compared against the conventional engine oils available in the market. The fact that this engine oil is fully synthetic speaks volumes about its ability to protect the engine under hard wear and tear. It has special lubrication properties that will offer extra safety and protection to the four-stroke engines. Riders will be able to find the difference in the performance of the bike right from the very first ride. Gear shift protection offered is quite smooth and the engine oil offers the fast lubrication to the entire engine including all its spares and components.

Kawasaki Genuine Oil - Poster

Another important aspect of the performance that also helps to provide the higher fuel efficiency numbers is the cleaning aspect of the engine. The upcoming Kawasaki genuine engine oil provides superior engine cleaning properties and more importantly, it helps the engine to stay the damage-free even under Cold Start. In order to provide peace of mind to the Indian customers, the engine oil has been approved and tested by India Kawasaki Motors Private Limited.

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